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Pointfree binary relations
I define pointfree binary relations, a way to describe binary relations and more general structures without referring to particular “points” (elements).
Formalistics of generalization [HTML]
In the framework of ZF formally considered generalizations, such as whole numbers generalizing natural number, rational numbers generalizing whole numbers, real numbers generalizing rational numbers, complex numbers generalizing real numbers, etc. The formal consideration of this may be especially useful for computer proof assistants.
Vertical order of binary relations
Vertical order of binary relations
Defined a partial order relation between binary relations f and g by the formula g = f|dom g.
Theorem about binary relation limited to a set (WARNING: This theorem appeared to be erroneous.)
Theorem (with proof), expanding and generalizing the following statement:

For two binary relations f and g the formula g = f|dom g is equivalent to conjunction of g being a subset of f and the formula

g g-1 = f g-1 (or equivalently g g-1 = g f-1).