Social Crypto Libertarianism (“Not Capital”) e-book

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Describes the new political (economical) ideology under the contingent name social crypto libertarianism or left crypto libertarianism (Note that it is not social, not left, and not libertarianism, I call it so for lack of more suitable words.) and the practical steps of how to implant this concept into modern economy. You are offered to participate in the experiment volunteering or for a reward.

Social crypto libertarianism or left crypto libertarianism is a new political (economical) ideology originating from Victor Porton.

Social crypto libertarianism is a contingent slogan. It is not social, not left, and not libertarianism. There are probably just no better words to describe it in modern English.

This book describes the ideology and the scholarly experiment to implant social crypto libertarianism into the modern society. The experiment is both scientific (to check if these ideas work in practice) and applied (to try to enhance world economy). The radical idea of social crypto internationalism is that it can replace capitalism as the dominating world economical mode (while preserving free market).

In this book I also propose you a paid work and a business that I can create for you!

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