I once wrote in a climate emergency forum: “It reminds me a poor man, Bill Gates. He is so poor that he can’t afford a good OS for his PC.” (I mean that climate breakers will kill themselves, too.) Coincidence? I heard soon after this Microsoft planning to switch to Linux.

Previously I was sure that Bill Gates is the Antichrist. After all we have B+I+L+L+G+A+T+E+S+\3 = 666 in the encoding used by his operating system (Why 3? He is William Gates III.) But later my religion crashed, I realized that I can’t be sure in my opinion. Have I cause this man to repent from the pathway to become the main Antichrist?

Another poor man (he is poor compared to me because my math book presented at this site has more value than his shop) Jeff Bezos is on pathway to the hell like all these little liars: he claimed that he will donate against climate change, but just built an advertisement for himself and didn’t.

I will tell about a trouble we have:

If I were a psychiatrist to cure Jess from the obsession to collect paper with numbers, I would need to meet him. To meet him I would need to pay a big sum of money. To do this, I would compete with him, and to compete with him I would need to be as evil as him: If I am even a little less evil, it is hard to compete, because the market chooses the best (usually the best in evil). To be the best need to invest all the resources. But if I did this, I would not be able to be richer than him. So the plan is likely to fail: to cure him I need to be as evil as him, and this would clearly be a failure. This is due to the very competitive nature of the market.

I didn’t try this with Jeff, but I really tried to cure another patient, Putin:

The story is that I have incidentally broken Russia: Namely I have made a series of fundamental discoveries in abstract mathematics. But I got no scientific degree and great contempt of Russians to me, because while living in Russia I did use (because I thought God wants me to do it) my right to confess my religion. And they hate evangelicals very much. As a consequence, just like Einstein in Nazi Germany, I am an alien to their society and to their science. Can they make a bomb? Or will they be overcome by Zimbabwe? Well, in the Nazi times, the Germans almost succeeded to built that time’s weapon, because they lied that the Relativity was discovered by “Aryan” scientists. But in modern world with Internet and blockchain Russians clearly can’t repeat this trick. So Russia is doomed: some of the components for their science are missing. Even one missing component breaks the entire system. (Consider a modern TV player, it has more than a billion transistors and damage of one of them breaks it.) Buddhist call this karma: They tried to make me die of hunger and beating, now it’s their turn.

I even allocated some of my time to warn Putin about the consequences of the Russian politics with de-facto state Orthodox “church” (a commercial business of keeping randomly chosen traditions).

Putin responded with the most stupid thing possible: One day ago he effectively said that there are “ours” (and implied “not ours”) citizens or people and that ours must drink Champaign and pronounce “drunk pledges” (the Russian word “tost”). Clearly, I am not “their”, they miss my formulas…

Putin, instead of advertising alcohol, do something reasonable. Probably, I have persuaded Bill Gates, why not you, too?

You server God or you serve anything other and come to serve alcohol.

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