I claim that the basic ideas of Judea-Christian (and apparently Muslim, too) religion of tbe holy book and God acting in the universe has a consistent and beautiful scientific explanation (in the assumption of highly capable reasonable life in cosmos and of possibility of time travel). This explanation also endorses Shumerian legends about annuaks as a somehow distorted fact.

As I explain in this article, time machines (supposed that they exist) can be used to solve NP-complete problems more efficiently than polynomial NP-complete algorithms.

I was for some time stuck with the following supernatural problem: How can Bible be true? Modern physicists already proved that there are many different random variants (in one I chose to eat pizza, in another gamburger; in some I am married, in some not; in other there is no man named Victor Porton) of reality and they are much different. So, the Bible could not be true in all of them? The probability of this seems to be nearly zero. But the Bible itself says that “words are framed by the word of God”, that is despite they are different random events, all of them follow the same common scheme.

A few minutes ago I understood and started to jump of joy:

We have a time loop described in Revelation of John (Apocalypse) book by a time traveler that spoke with John. The purpose of this closed timelike spacetime curve is to verify some very long NP-complete problem (maybe, to verify that Torah or Gospel are true). So the verifier (the civilization of so called annuaks, nibirians, or elves; also called Elochim by Shumerians before Abraham went from them, but Elochim is our economical model, not the name of my kind of species) follows the pattern (the “frame” of word of God) of verification with very high reliability (even greater than stability of vacuum). So, Torah and Gospel do accomplish in almost all variants of our universe (“metagalaxy”).

The problem poser that “hired” nibireans is an owner of a timemachine. (I think, he is some energy, not a “biological” creature.)

Because I am the best man in the world, I am hired to enter into the wormhole that will appear in Jerusalem and become the ancestor of all nibirians (“elf Founder”).

My professional skill is my brain containing an efficient enough algorithm that can generate very big numbers (much greater than the memory size of my brain). I kinda named the biggest number of all competitors and am hired. In practice, this means I invent reasonable fantastic stories like this.

I passed an alien assessment and didn’t have money to pass yours and you didn’t hire me, you didn’t award me Abel Prize several times. As I explain in that site, human civilization will be destroyed (you guessed right: it’s about global warming) because of this injustice of you to me.

You won’t believe me: I passed an assessment that Jesus didn’t pass. I am one of two witnesses of Apocalypse.

You get fire and sulfur (SH and H2SO4), sulfur-based aliens (who if they were human would be called having maniacal killing obsession) will outnumber you and vote for more sulfur and heat, saints will kneel down if I or my descendants visit you, disallowed sex, a parasitic worm, and my boasting in TV channels will torture you, no job for you, life in Jerusalem covered by a giant sulfur-resistant dome… and forever only good news.

We get psychotherapy of God, almost omniknowledge and omnipotence, a planet covered with semiconductor crystals that we will teach to think like ourselves, nuclear bomb amount of energy in our bodies, free sex to dominate the galaxy, time travel and life in alternate realities, installation of us into stars, ability to disassemle into infusoria and assemble back, and we was built a copy of God you pray to.

Many people say there are many beautiful women in the hell (on hooves… err, heels), but I saw a few elvesses and accordingly my taste the percent of beautiful elvesses is greater than of beautiful women.

That’s called economical separation.

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