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Revolutionizing the Fields of Math and Science with Mathematical Research Monographs

If you’re looking for math research books that focus on math discoveries related to generalization of Algebraic General Topology, properties of mathematical formulas, and new concepts on the use of infinitesimals, then this website is for you! My aim is to revolutionize the field of mathematics—and consequently science and engineering—by presenting a new and in-depth take on the foundations of mathematics, in addition to simplifying existing research methods.

With my mathematical research monograph on Algebraic General Topology and Math Synthesis, I offer a generalization of general topology by expressing it with algebraic expressions. With this book, I attempt to present a new take on point-set topology by collapsing several theorems of analysis into a single Algebraic General Topology equation.

Moreover, the research book, Axiomatic Theory of Formulas researches the properties of mathematical formulas in an effort to simplify the proofs of math logic theorems. I also attempt to open a new door to central concepts of discontinuous calculus with my book on Limit of Discontinuous Function.

I work in the following areas of mathematics:

General Topology
I discovered Algebraic General Topology, a new field of math which will replace old General Topology. Mathematical Synthesis is how I call Algebraic General Topology applied to study of Mathematical Analysis.Among other things, it hides epsilon-delta notion behind a smart algebra.
Logic and formalized mathematics
Misc math
The rest of my mathematical materials.

I also do applied computer science research related to XML.

No scientific degree

I have not finished university study (for reasons related to fear of religious discrimination, as I was a Protestant studying in a Russian university).

So I posses no official scientific degree.

I returned to scientific research after some pause related to religious reasons.


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Contact: [email protected] +972-545229306, Shay Agnon 32-29, Ashkelon, Israel.