The attached audio contains screaming replicas of a usual climate denier [the police woman] and proves that despite of the widespread wrong opinion that Israel exists, it does not exist.
Please hear to the end, it contains personal information.
Accordingly your morality, should everybody who ignores this story die or not?

[I was a little inexact: the scientific work is about climate economy, not climate itself.]

P.S. I should have published this at another site but apparently they break into my apartment and installed trojan on my laptop. Users, sorry, climate mitigation is yet unavailable. The direct reslonsible person is probably the illiterate IT CEO Vladislav Porton Lvovich, but to be sure I don’t miss the target that day I raised my hands and went through Ashkelon praying for complete destruction of Israel who attacked a mathematician who is infinitely more important than them just like Nash was and for immediate ball lightnings to several members of Israel government with their fakes.

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