In Israel a very important event happened, but it was unnoticed.

In 2019 I discovered ordered semigroup actions (and ordered semicategory actions). I am (almost) the first human who put together these three words “ordered semigroup actions” (there is a decades old article with these words, but there they are no properly defined). There were known “ordered semigroups” and “semigroup actions” but not “ordered semigroup actions”. I also wrote about 600 pages of formulas related to ordered semigroup actions.

At first, it seems a wondrous plus: We have a second “foundation” of mathematics on par with group theory. Group theory is a foundation of likely >1/2 of modern math and now we have the second one, ordered semicategory actions that also supports >1/2 of (future) math.

But I mis-published it. (I was effectively/practically expelled from academia while still being in Russia, due to undergoing religious discrimination and consequent hunger.)

Now other scientists don’t want to build on my discovery, because it is not properly published. We lost >1/2 of future mathematics. Everybody is not in his carrier interested in ordered semicategory actions, but the entire math community together would be able to make useful (and interesting for them) consequences from my writings (but no one is doing it). Such situations are called “common goods tragedy”: when all together need something, but every one individually is indifferent to the need.

I am trying to fight back: – I am trying to build using cryptocurrency micropayments a new economy of scientific publication, to make marketers financially interested in publishing important discoveries in basic science. Now this project needs your support. The project is, using advanced blockchain, to pay a part of scientific grants to cited (directly or indirectly) scientific papers, and also create the profession of scientific marketer by allocating a part of donations to important work of marketers by an affiliate program. Then marketers would become busy with publishing, not scientists themselves, who would receive free search engine optimization and other kinds of publication, for free.

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