I’ve found (and proved) an algorithm that is NP-complete in the assumption that P=NP.

In other words, if P=NP has a positive solution, my algorithm is its solution.

I was kinda afraid if I already have almost solved P=NP as an easy consequence of my today’s things. For better or worse, no: The only theorems I proved about my today’s algorithm M (from the word “main”) are these circular reasonings on the picture:

I can’t factor a big prime number or break BitCoin, because (even if it is really NP-complete) it has a huge additive constant (it enumerates many other algorithms before starting to come with a solution).

I solved some part of P=NP (if no mistakes), but I didn’t solve P=NP itself, so no turn off the internet, no outage of electronic banks, no cryptocurrency disappearance, and even for better or worse no war with aliens as mankind would enter into a singularity (artificial intelligence above humans quickly developing and re-developing itself). Also, no proof that it’s impossible. Think yourself, if it’s good or bad.

Maybe, most importantly, no teenager finishing my proof and activating thermonuclear weapons by breaking Internet ciphers.

I’ve sent my 3-pages article to a computer science journal.

This is my first significant CS theorem. My previous results were in general topology and something related with logic.

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