I wrote two emails to mathematician Timothy Chow:


I wrote https://math.portonvictor.org/2020/08/29/three-criminal-mathematicians-should-visit-a-psychiatrist/ without prior noticing that you a are Christian.

Later I found this and then remembered words of Jesus: “If a brother sins against you… say him… if he says ‘I repent’, you received your brother… otherwise count him as a pagan and tax collector.” So in this letter I am trying to follow these words of Jesus.

You have sinned against me:

You deleted my answer without a proper reason:

If you assume that I am a crackpot, then you need to correct your thinking about crackpots, because it is known that crackpots don’t know what are ordered semigroups and general topology. I know this, therefore I am likely not a crackpot, right? You can easily check that I am not a crackpot by reading a few pages of my texts.

So, you need to conclude that you deleted an answer about a mathematician answering a question about works of a mathematician. Deleting an ontopic post from a forum is a sin.

Your further sin is that you follow decisions of Russian Orthodoxes being enslaved by them. They decided to make me unable to get me a diploma and allow me to defend my PhD thesis (which I have written). They drive me to this behavior. Therefore you follow their decisions as a slave.

Now you may also make a weird decision (but such people of heretic usually do such weird things): The weird decision is that you would not send me a half of your salary. It is weird because it is asymmetric: You write math texts and I write math texts, but I don’t receive a salary. The heresy is called mammon that is asymmetry in money. I realize that I am confused about soteriology, I don’t know if you are saved, but if you behave this very weird way, I have a reason to think that your are a heretic. One woman even formulated this heresy exactly: “I do not participate in others’ projects.”

If you don’t answer, accordingly the words of Jesus I am assuming you are “a pagan and tax collector” that is in other words a heretic what I am to publish at my site.

His reply:

Dear Pharisee,

I was just reading Luke 18:13 today.

Tax Collector

In this verse the tax collector was doing a different thing than you. You forgot to ask to have mercy on you.

Interesting what Jesus would reply to you (or equivalently, what is the mathematically most efficient answer to your email)?

My conjectures:

– “You confirmed that you collect taxes that is take money unjustly.”

– (please try to extend this list)

Yes, I am a Pharisee (beating myself to the breast). Just like as a Pharisee were confused by the Torah I was greatly confused by the Gospel.

Trying to analyze the words of Jesus that we should not reject Him before people, I concluded that we should never lie (because, as I concluded, otherwise I could reject Him as often as I want).

As Jesus moreover said not to be ashamed of Him and His words, I decided to confess my religion as openly as I can calling myself a sectarian and a religious fanatic before Russians. Dying of hunger because of this mode of communication I discovered a very simple but 60 years late math formula (I think, this formula alone is about $trillion). It was when I was a first year university student. I was confused: If I keep confessing this way, I would likely die of hunger and there would be a trillion dollars loss. Should I for example become a prostitute to save the trillion? Why did Jesus commanded this?

To add to the confusion, I was a follower of the doctrine that human mind and feelings belong to the soul. For my religion I was beaten by head and misbehaved (not remember for sure what I did, but likely I for example raped someone after the brain damage). Note that I invented an explanation later: Human thinks only by the brain and human soul is a backup copy of the brain. If I keep “phariseeing”, I become worse, thought I, but what exactly to do? How to stop being a pharisee?

After a long time confusion, I was stricken by the idea: The Gospel rejects itself just like as it rejects the Old Testament. I added that I serve to the Father directly, no more to Jesus.

But more recently, I realized: the Bible does not teach not to say lies, it teaches not to be afraid. The verse where Jesus says not to be ashamed of Him is after the verse not to be afraid of killing the body. I got an explanation which now looks reasonable for me: I should not afraid a brain (a part of body) damage and becoming a rapist, a maniacal killer again (as before the conversion) or a satanist because my brain has a backup in the heaven. Now I see no contradictions in this, and no strong reason to reject the Gospel. I should just be bold and because of this I have no incentive to lie about my religion.

In the meantime when I strongly believed into absolute honesty and mind in the soul, because of other people not believing me, I cursed them. Specifically I said “To destroy two skyscrapers with planes.” (about the USA) and “Let it be coronavirus.” (as I remember, I even correctly named the number of nucleotides 30000 when a stranger asked me this question during my public prayer. I thought that it is the best thing to curse people for trying to kill me with both hunger and head hits as they were “punishing” me by near death several times for my concept that the Tanakh (Old Testament) to be read without vowels.

Now I understand that absolute honesty is not biblical, soul independent of the brain does not exist, and interpretation of Old Testament without vowels is tricky, if done naively produces wrong results. (I was for example going to marry a mother-virgin as I read OT without vowels.) So I cursed people in vain: I cursed them for rejecting the true religion while it was severely wrong.

But one of the least of my curses, the corona happened. I think, to stop the “plague among the people” (in the word of Tanakh) need to read the OT without vowels. I cursed much worse than coronavirus alone.

Here is the software:


Here is the theological reasoning about how to interpret it:


— A big pharisee.

What should you do when because of a pharisee started a plague among the people? Think and answer!

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