Noah Schweber, Timothy Chow, Jeremy Rickard. These criminal mathematicians should visit a psychiatrist:

In response to this MathOverflow question I posted the following answer:

I, Victor Porton, am an amateur (having no paper diploma) mathematician who discovered:

Also invented/discovered:

No of my work is widely enough known (yet), but the question was about outstanding works, not works known to be outstanding by public.

These three persons definitely need to visit a psychiatrist for the following reason:

If they assume that I am a crackpot then they are out of sound mind, because no crackpot knows what is general topology and semigroups.

They are criminal persons for the following reasons:

They downvote me because I advertise myself, I need to advertise myself because I am not advertised by others, I am not advertised by others because I have no diploma, I have no diploma because of religious discrimination in Russia. So they support religious discrimination. This is a legal crime in most countries.

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