I added one new proposition and two open problems to my online article “Funcoids and Reloids”:

Conjecture $latex \left\langle f \right\rangle \mathcal{X} = \bigcap^{\mathfrak{F}} \left\{ \left\langle F \right\rangle \mathcal{X} | F \in \mathrm{up}f \right\}$ for every funcoid $latex f$ and f.o. $latex \mathcal{X}$.

Proposition $latex \mathrm{dom}( \mathsf{\mathrm{FCD}}) f =\mathrm{dom}f$ and $latex \mathrm{im}(\mathsf{\mathrm{FCD}}) f =\mathrm{im}f$ for every reloid $latex f$.

Conjecture $latex \mathrm{dom}( \mathsf{\mathrm{RLD}})_{\mathrm{in}} f =\mathrm{dom}f$ and $latex \mathrm{im}( \mathsf{\mathrm{RLD}})_{\mathrm{in}} f =\mathrm{im}f$ for every funcoid $latex f$.

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