I will outline which open problems follow from other open problems. In this post I don’t enter into gory details how to prove these implications, because these are useless without a prior proof of the main premise. I write these notes just not to be forgotten.

It seems that from the first conjecture here follows this conjecture.

And from that conjecture follows the last conjecture (using the fact that $latex ( \mathsf{RLD})_{\mathrm{in}}\bigcap S = \bigcap \langle (\mathsf{RLD})_{\mathrm{in}}\rangle S$).

In turn the last conjecture may be used to prove properties of direct products of funcoids (more to write).

2 thoughts on “Path for solving my open problems

  1. Ugh, I proved the first conjecture of the list of the conjectures, but now I’m unable to prove the first implication (from the first to the second conjecture) above. My research is yet stalled.

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