Todd Trimble has notified me that he has written a “commentary” (notes) on my theory of funcoids presented in my monograph.

His commentary is available at this nLab wiki page.

I’ve started to read his notes. First I needed to lookup into Wikipedia to know what Chu space is. He uses category theory however as it now seems to me not very advanced. So I hope to understand his writing in soon time.

1 thought on “Todd Trimble’s commentary on my math research

  1. True; as it stands, it is not very “advanced” category theory even though it is mainly written to be understood by category theorists. Basically it means to connect funcoids with other notions that have appeared in the literature (so as to widen the potential audience, who might be familiar with one or more of these notions). A nice but not very surprising result is that the categories of endofuncoids and of reflexive endofuncoids are both topological over Set (in the technical sense of the Joy of Cats).

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