In the past I thought so:

Common money-earning programmers just have the skill to comprehend with their egg-heads how program flow moves between multiple levels of functions and classes calling each other in a “perverted”, unpredictable, messy fashion.

While I am a programmer, too, I am different: I am a mathematician, I comprehend abstraction, generalization, the beauty of mathematics. My mind is better. I am to a programmer like a programmer to a woodworker (even if a woodworker happens to earn more).

But once I realized: When mathematics develops infinitely, the deep of abstraction and generalization increases indefinitely. Mathematics becomes like “common” programming. Infinite levels of abstraction become like a “messy” computer program. (Yet, mathematics remains beautiful.)

Here comes humility. My mind may be relatively good just in a short term. In the long term we need to suffer hard programming and commit humility to what may seem a common work, not something magnificent. Yes, it’s what is called humility in the Bible.

In likewise fashion, suffering on this Earth, solving common economical problems (“I am not rich because I am too clever, I am not a common woodworker who earn money with his work.”) is an entrance into the future world, where generalization and abstraction develops infinitely. So the Bible teaches.

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