My manuscript Connectors and generalized connectedness sent to Topology and its Applications math journal was rejected saying that I have not cited enough articles in order to show that the terminology I introduced and my results are novel, not re-discovery of others’ results just using a different terminology.

The reviewer has suggested me to read articles by certain authors. I found that some of these articles use advanced category theory. I confess that my knowledge of category theory is poor. It will take yet long time until I will study category theory enough well.

In the future indeed I am going to study it and to rewrite my article so that it could tell the relations with others’ theories of generalized connectedness and re-submit it to a peer-reviewed math journal, probably again to Topology and its Applications.

My question: Should I send the current preprint into Rejecta Mathematica? The issue is whether the peer reviewed journals would consider my newer (amended with description of links of my theory with others’ theories) article as a re-publication. Will publishing in Rejecta Mathematica now hinder peer reviewed publication in the future?

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