I have defined two new kinds of products of funcoids:

  1. $latex \prod^{\mathrm{in}}_{i \in \mathrm{dom}\, f} f = \prod^{(C)}_{i \in \mathrm{dom}\, f} (\mathsf{RLD})_{\mathrm{in}} f_i$ (cross-inner product).
  2. $latex \prod^{\mathrm{out}}_{i \in \mathrm{dom}\, f} f = \prod^{(C)}_{i \in \mathrm{dom}\, f} (\mathsf{RLD})_{\mathrm{out}} f_i$ (cross-outer product).

These products are notable that their values are also funcoids (not just pointfree funcoids).

See new version of my book for details.

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