I’ve created a site where anyone may list his projects and anyone may mark which projects he is going to participate. Projects are organized into a tree. The site supports LaTeX and has “Mathematics” section: http://theses.portonvictor.org/node/2

I have posted several pages on my math research project: http://theses.portonvictor.org/node/4 – feel free to add yours also.

The site is ideal for posting possible theses topics for students as well as cutting edge research for math persons. For a topic a user may mark himself as an adviser, which could help students.

Among mathematics this site is also going to list open source software proposals and whatever general utility projects.

Well, this project needs its own domain name. Please somebody donate a domain and help with hosting.

3 thoughts on “Online listing of research and other projects to participate

  1. What about those who want to contribute but are not very familiar with Latex codes?

    Am looking forward to your reply.
    A.K. Devaraj

  2. ok; suppose I make an atempt at contributing in Latex- will you or any of your friends do the correction/editing?

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