Previously I wrote my research monograph with TeXmacs word processors.

TeXmacs is a very good program. However annoying bugs of TeXmacs (incorrect file “saved” status, failure to work well when multiple windows with the same document are opened, etc.) and also its slowness when working with a long (300 pages) document, forced me to switch to another software.

So I have rewritten my draft book with LyX word processor (based on LaTeX).

There are also small changes which I accomplished due rewriting:

  1. notatiton change $latex 0 \rightarrow \bot$ and $latex 1 \rightarrow \top$ for the least and the greatest element of a poset
  2. notatiton change $latex \langle f \rangle X \rightarrow \langle f \rangle^\ast X$ for applying a function $latex f$ to a set $latex X$; $latex X \mathrel{[f]} Y \rightarrow X \mathrel{[f]^\ast} Y$ for existence of a point $latex (x;y)\in X\times Y$ such that $latex x \mathrel{f} y$.
  3. other small changes

Now I am going to start the boring process of checking if I rewrite the book correctly, paragraph by pragraph.

2 thoughts on “I’ve rewritten my book in LyX

  1. TeXmacs released new version (1.99.3) recently. It is a major version numbering increase. Not sure if you have tried to see if your problem is solved. I was googling for the comparison of LyX and TeXmacs – then bumped into your site. You mentioned few issues when working with TeXmacs, does those issues (long documents, etc.) appeared in LyX? Thanks.

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