I’ve found a counterexample to the following conjecture:

Statement For every composable funcoids $latex f$ and $latex g$ we have

$latex H \in \mathrm{up}(g \circ f) \Rightarrow \exists F \in \mathrm{up}\, f, G \in \mathrm{up}\, g : H \in\mathrm{up}\, (G \circ F) .$

The counterexample is $latex f=a\times^{\mathsf{FCD}} \{p\}$ and $latex g=\{p\}\times^{\mathsf{FCD}}a$, $latex H=1$ where $latex a$ is an arbitrary nontrivial ultrafilter and $latex p$ is an arbitrary point.

I leave the proof that it is a counterexample as an easy exercise for the reader (however I am going to add the proof to my book soon).

That the conjecture failed invalidates my new proof of Urysohn’s lemma which was based on this conjecture.

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