Because Kirovskiy district court of Perm city completely illegally ignored my claim during the 5 days it must answer. I send the claim to another court, Tverskoy district court of Moscow.

In order to check if the ignoring of the lawsuit is due its high importance, I have removed all references to trillions of dollars.

Now we will check whether Russia exists or is it an illusion that Russian state exists, because they can’t even answer emails.

The following are the changes:

  • New proof: appearance of new religion.
  • Added more references to laws.
  • Removed about who to serve who.
  • Removed request for $4 trillion.
  • Removed request for Hero of Russia.
  • Added request to eliminate court fee because I am disabled of second category.
  • Said why state anti-sectarian propaganda is unlawful.
  • Removed a reference to the flood.
  • Other.

The court request attached.

This post is a continuation of that post.

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