Ghana Police Service is fake. I contacted them both by email and by Facebook. Apparently an animal sits at the keyboard and can’t type a reply. Are there people in Ghana?

Hello police,

This is a crime report by Victor Lvovich Porton, 1980 year birth, living in Ashkelon, Israel.

Note: I first tried to contract the police officer Kwame Nkrumah Avenue ([email protected]), but that email listed at does not work (please correct your site).

I am a Russia and Israel citizen.

The following crime was committed against me while I was in Nairobi West, Kenya:

I was sold a fake merchandise by

– Franklyn Amunga (father of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

– Millicent Owano Amunga (mother of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

Namely I paid them $600 through Victoria Amunga for the price of a fiance.

The merchandise was advertised as a Christian woman.

In fact, she is not a Christian:

– She refuses to work charity works in her free time, even a small work of great importance.

– She herself claimed that “works only for money” that is an equivalent of saying “I serve only to money” and therefore not to God.

– She laid to me several times, including saying she:

— will study mathematical logic

— that she agrees with my theology (as it turned out, she didn’t even read it!)

— that she agrees that Christians do free work (as she agreed before the registration of the marriage)

— and she cheated by a deed doing like as if she will do charity works before the marriage

– accordingly of her own words, she now hates me (what a Christian can’t do)

– She was extremely reluctant in sex, what Christian women don’t do, because the Bible says that their bodies are husband’s not their.

Recently I have filed to a Russian court a case to nullify our marriage as fake (I don’t show the arguments to the Russian court to save place).

So, there was a fact of selling a fake merchandise, a serious crime.

As the police I request you to help me to return the money and to arrest anybody found guilty. I also request to help me to compensate the travel expenses.

As a part of the crime investigation, please call Victoria as for an investigation asking how to contract her parents, who were the subject of selling a fake merchandise.

I am a victim of:

Victoria Khasoa Amunga and her parents
Address: 2364 Accra, Ghana.
Place of work: Zee production cooperation,
Born 12 Jun 1988,
email: XXX

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