As I first told in this blog post, I registered marriage in Kenya with Victoria Amunga.

We conflicted and recently I filed to a Russian court the request to nullify the marriage as fake because she does not help me as a wife should and therefore is not a wife. She lied to me several times on different topics. She also claimed that I lied to her (because I said something that she does not agree with, apparently she does not understand the difference between saying not she thinks and saying not that I think).

While being in Kenya to marry her, I worked as a programmer on a charity project. This project is to mint cryptocurrency by “court” decisions (that is by voting) to give money to anyone who has less money than he should have.

The project intends to solve such problems as underfinancing of free software or global warming.

As a journalist she should have helped me to announce the project.

Victoria wondered me that she won’t help me in the project. She said literally “I have the right to lie on the bed.” and “I work only for money.” Later she said “I don’t participate in others’ projects.” (I can show from the Bible that not participating in others’ projects is a heresy contradicting the Gospel.) Anyone who does participate in others’ projects or works only for money (equal to say “I serve only to money” and therefore not to God) is a heretic. Heretics go to hell. (Do I work for money? Nope, I money for work. Who works for money is a heretic.)

Therefore Victoria committed an act of genocide: She sabotaged an anti global warming project. Many people will die in Kenya and across the globe due to her inaction. Cryptocurrency is very important.

I think I know why God sent locusts to Kenya soon after this: It’s because of Victoria’s sin. Now she is in Ghana, a Ghanian Christian prophet said that there will be a Jonah in Ghana and he or she needs to be sent out of Ghana to calm the waves. Isn’t it Victoria?

My project to gather trillion of dollars in cryptocurrency needs some money to start. Probably the necessary sum is around $10000. Donate in cryptocurrency or donate in money. God calls you to donate for cryptocurrency, if you don’t you flee from the face of the Lord like Jonah.

Moreover, I have less money that should because I was discriminated in Russia as a Protestant (in fact, I almost died of hunger there). Therefore the amount of money on my account is a fake document. If you follow this fake document, you are a participant of discrimination of Protestants in Russia, you are a stupid slave of Russians, God will punish you for this. You should work for my project as if I would pay you salary from my account, because you you must not rely on a fake document. Or are you a heretic following fake documents?

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