In short: Polycarp Temba from Nairobi, Kenya, is a fake lawyer caught on selling a fake “government” mathematician certificate. Moreover, he also spent a big amount of my money on (now obviously fake) legal services.

The fact that I paid him is confirmed by the SHA-512 cryptographic hash of this file with his signatures attached to this my transaction to this “lawyer”:

More files:

Update: Here is the fake certificate (painting quality fully preserved):

05/04/2021, 12:09 – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.
05/04/2021, 12:09 – Victor Porton: Hi. I’m Victor Porton
05/04/2021, 12:10 – Victor Porton: I want to set either an NGO or a commercial business together with Mercy Nekesa. She is my online girlfriend and she is now studying in a university to do a business with me.
05/04/2021, 12:10 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Viktor, kindly share with me what you would like to know.
05/04/2021, 12:11 – Kenya lawyer: Okay that’s a nice idea. She told me about that. I’m an expert with NGO’S here in Kenya that’s why I’m here to help
05/04/2021, 12:11 – Victor Porton: Is it legal for such an organisation to receive and send payments in crypto? (So I would receive payments directly not through a bank.)
05/04/2021, 12:12 – Victor Porton: “The CBK regulates currency flow through regulations that require any transaction to or from a foreign recipient or within Kenya be effected through an authorised bank in Kenya (a bank licensed by the CBK).”
05/04/2021, 12:13 – Kenya lawyer: Yes it’s possible as long as the NGO of fully registered and recognised by the Government
05/04/2021, 12:14 – Victor Porton: How does not this disallow this?
05/04/2021, 12:23 – Kenya lawyer: The main problem that the CBK in Kenya has in regards to Cypto. Is For instance is the NGO does not follow all the rules and regulations in regards to transfer of money. First the NGO must update all it’s tax reviews annually and through that the organization or business is given a permit to transact cash through Cypton or any other channel. So the main issue here is the organization to follow all the correct procedures in accordance to CBK act
05/04/2021, 12:24 – Victor Porton: So, is it realistic to follow these procedures? (I need both incoming and outgoing transfers in crypto often.) How much is needed to pay to a lawyer to make crypto transactions for an NGO legal?
05/04/2021, 12:27 – Kenya lawyer: Yes it’s realistic, we can have a lawyer of the NGO, his specific role will be to represent the organization in any matter. The lawyer can be included as a member of the NGO but his main role will be to represent the organization in matters of law.
05/04/2021, 12:27 – Victor Porton: Have you already discussed the price of this with Mercy?
05/04/2021, 12:27 – Kenya lawyer: Not yet
05/04/2021, 12:27 – Victor Porton: Please do.
05/04/2021, 12:28 – Victor Porton: And can we register a joint commerce with Mercy instead? It seems there is big minimum capital of foreign commerce in Kenya, or do I mess?
05/04/2021, 12:31 – Kenya lawyer: You are right, after the NGO certificate is out we can register the joint commerce.
05/04/2021, 12:31 – Victor Porton: No, I mean instead of NGO.
05/04/2021, 12:32 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah it’s also possible
05/04/2021, 12:33 – Victor Porton: BTW, I want to judge a woman in Kenya (I have a marriage certificate with her, but she was found by me a 100% fraudster misrepresenting everything about her personality.) because Mercy by coincidence is also in Kenya and this marriage certificate prevents me to marry Mercy instead. I think if I put that woman into a prison for fraud with money in marriage, our marriage could be nullified? (despite it’s now too late to nullify it in the usual way)
05/04/2021, 12:34 – Victor Porton: Could you describe benefits and disadvantages of NGO vs commerce?
05/04/2021, 12:34 – Victor Porton: I tried to report to your police but my message was ignored.
05/04/2021, 12:35 – Kenya lawyer: I can help you with that and all will be done. If you can give me her details
05/04/2021, 12:35 – Victor Porton: So, what is the minimum capital for a commerce? (I don’t have $100000.)
05/04/2021, 12:36 – Victor Porton: (file attached)
05/04/2021, 12:37 – Kenya lawyer: An NGO is better than a commerce in Kenya. In KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY is more tough in Kenya especially when a foreigner is concerned
05/04/2021, 12:38 – Victor Porton: Victoria also threatened me with a false accusation that I cheated her (that I misrepresented my health state, what for some reasons was quite comical, as I said everything as I think) and demanded from me money. Moreover she demanded from me $7000 for curing her mother (I don’t kno whether she cheated that time.)
05/04/2021, 12:38 – Kenya lawyer: So we should focus on NGO rather than commerce.
05/04/2021, 12:38 – Victor Porton: Seem OK, however possible loss over control of money for purposes I choose does bother me.
05/04/2021, 12:39 – Kenya lawyer: I’m driving let me get back to you in 40 minutes
05/04/2021, 12:39 – Victor Porton: and also Victoria demanded from me money back for a small work she did for free (for the purpose to cheat me misrepresenting that she will help me in the future, too)
05/04/2021, 12:39 – Victor Porton: Bye.
05/04/2021, 13:44 – Victor Porton: Hi
05/04/2021, 13:49 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor
05/04/2021, 13:49 – Victor Porton: So what?
05/04/2021, 13:50 – Kenya lawyer: Can we I call you we talk.?
05/04/2021, 13:50 – Victor Porton: Yes
05/04/2021, 14:00 – Victor Porton: Victoria Amunga +254 728 613050 –
05/04/2021, 14:03 – Victor Porton: 2364 Accra, Ghana
05/04/2021, 14:05 – Victor Porton: 105 Kisauni Road, Nairobi, Kenya
05/04/2021, 14:06 – Victor Porton: marriage.pdf (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:07 – Victor Porton: Tel AvivNairobi
1 Traveler
Sun, Oct 13, 2019
Wed, Oct 30, 2019
Booking Number
Booked on
Sat, Sep 21, 2019
05/04/2021, 14:08 – Victor Porton: Turkish Airlines (CheapOAir)
05/04/2021, 14:09 – Victor Porton: darcon.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:09 – Victor Porton: tz3-back.jpeg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:09 – Victor Porton: tz3-front.jpeg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:10 – Kenya lawyer: I can work with this documents and help
05/04/2021, 14:11 – Kenya lawyer: How will you send the $500 through which means?
05/04/2021, 14:12 – Kenya lawyer: My name is
email. [email protected]
05/04/2021, 14:12 – Victor Porton: I prefer to send you crypto. (It grows in price.) Also I can use bank transfer, paypal, and probably VISA->VISA transfer (I never did VISA->VISA). I can’t pay quick (except by crypto). I need first fund my bank account from crypto.
05/04/2021, 14:13 – Kenya lawyer: Okay no problem, you can just send the $500 through Paypal that will be good.
05/04/2021, 14:14 – Victor Porton: Crypto is this thing: Nobody can steal from you (at least until they invent powerful quantum computers and crypto community fails to adapt on time), but if you lose or dislose the secret code or send a wrong sum of money or to a wrong recipient, your money cannot be returned (unless you find and force the thief to return). It is easier to use and cheaper than banks.
05/04/2021, 14:14 – Victor Porton: I need several days to transfer money. My bank is now in minus.
05/04/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: Okay no problem
05/04/2021, 14:15 – Victor Porton: Should I start to work on transferring?
05/04/2021, 14:15 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah start working on transferring as I also work.
05/04/2021, 14:17 – Victor Porton: Crypto is not OK? You can sell it through It is not harder than to use a bank.
05/04/2021, 14:17 – Kenya lawyer: I know but I prefer you send it through my Paypal. Because Crypto is not common in Kenya.
05/04/2021, 14:18 – Kenya lawyer: So just send it through paypal
05/04/2021, 14:18 – Victor Porton: You can easily withdraw through Binance
05/04/2021, 14:18 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
05/04/2021, 14:18 – Victor Porton: You agree for crypto?
05/04/2021, 14:18 – Kenya lawyer: Okay I agree.
05/04/2021, 14:19 – Victor Porton: You need to open a crypto account. Download app and create an account.
05/04/2021, 14:19 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04 /2021, 14:19 – Victor Porton: You may need a credit card to withdraw. Well, I warn you, I never withdrew to a Kenyan account.
05/04/2021, 14:20 – Kenya lawyer: Ok I get it.
05/04/2021, 14:22 – Victor Porton: So, I am waiting for you account number.
05/04/2021, 14:23 – Kenya lawyer: Alright
05/04/2021, 14:24 – Victor Porton: I am ready to send. Give account number (it starts with 0x).
05/04/2021, 14:25 – Victor Porton: Be sure you have no viruses. I used Linux instead of Windows: (You can use phone.)
05/04/2021, 14:25 – Victor Porton: Viruses do steal crypto.
05/04/2021, 14:26 – Victor Porton: – this is the price of ETH (the thing I will send you) during time. Click 1Y.
05/04/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
05/04/2021, 14:28 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:28 – Kenya lawyer: Are this the people you telling me about.
05/04/2021, 14:29 – Victor Porton: yes, that’s my “wife”
05/04/2021, 14:29 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:30 – Kenya lawyer: I found her, I’m going to work on that issue and even have the divorce papers ready.
05/04/2021, 14:30 – Victor Porton: I think, she should be in prison.
05/04/2021, 14:31 – Victor Porton: Weird, this seems a photo I took of her. How did you find this photo?
05/04/2021, 14:31 – Kenya lawyer: We shall send her to prison. Let me work on it.
05/04/2021, 14:31 – Kenya lawyer: On her Facebook
05/04/2021, 14:31 – Kenya lawyer: It seems she blocked you on Facebook
05/04/2021, 14:32 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0003.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:33 – Kenya lawyer: We are going to send her to prison.
05/04/2021, 14:33 – Victor Porton: Yes, it’s she. I don’t see this account, so yes blocked.
05/04/2021, 14:33 – Victor Porton: She is a journalist who managed to say no word of truth.
05/04/2021, 14:33 – Kenya lawyer: So unfortunate
05/04/2021, 14:33 – Victor Porton: while speaking with me. It is a damgerous criminal with a power for similar crimes
05/04/2021, 14:34 – Kenya lawyer: She is a blackmail. I advice you not to talk to her again
05/04/2021, 14:34 – Victor Porton: OK, I now have a lawyer, no any need to talk with her.
05/04/2021, 14:34 – Kenya lawyer: Good
05/04/2021, 14:44 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0004.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 14:44 – Kenya lawyer: I have created the account
05/04/2021, 14:45 – Victor Porton: Copy-paste the thing starting with 0x (full, with filed ). I will pay later today.
05/04/2021, 14:45 – Victor Porton: Could you give me a discount for a good advice how to keep crypto (even if you have $10 billion) safely?
05/04/2021, 14:46 – Kenya lawyer: 0x67B29d06348D7Ac0a27245a7b8b7F0fE96516f93
05/04/2021, 14:47 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
05/04/2021, 14:47 – Victor Porton: How much are you willing to discount?
05/04/2021, 14:48 – Kenya lawyer: $1000
05/04/2021, 14:48 – Victor Porton: So, you send me $500 instead?
05/04/2021, 14:48 – Victor Porton: $500-$1000 = -$500
05/04/2021, 14:49 – Kenya lawyer: You send me or I send you?
05/04/2021, 14:49 – Victor Porton: I said you want $500 and then that you give me $1000 discount. So it’s -$500
05/04/2021, 14:50 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah, but I don’t have $500 at the moment
05/04/2021, 14:50 – Victor Porton: OK, you send me $500 as soon as you can. I give the advice:
05/04/2021, 14:50 – Kenya lawyer: Ok.
Then when will you send for me the $500
05/04/2021, 14:50 – Kenya lawyer: For working for you?
05/04/2021, 14:51 – Victor Porton: You told me that you give me $1000 for the advice, haven’t you?
05/04/2021, 14:51 – Kenya lawyer: Yes, but I don’t have any money right now
05/04/2021, 14:51 – Victor Porton: So, you send when available.
05/04/2021, 14:52 – Kenya lawyer: I will try.
05/04/2021, 14:52 – Victor Porton: For safe crypto holders there are two blockchains (at least, I know two: Ethereum mainnet (ETH mainnet) and Binance Smart Chain). For them there are two “safes” (“wallets”): and
05/04/2021, 14:53 – Victor Porton: They can be controlled by MetaMask (see also to setup it for BSC).
05/04/2021, 14:53 – Victor Porton: BSC is cheaper than ETH
05/04/2021, 14:53 – Victor Porton: maybe less reliable
05/04/2021, 14:53 – Victor Porton: but more reliable than a bank for very sure
05/04/2021, 14:54 – Victor Porton: In safes you can have multisig: e.g. you connect it to three MetaMask accounts (you can have three phones) and require two phones to “vote” for any operation. You can also assign e.g. a daily limit for transfers from a particular phone without voting.
05/04/2021, 14:55 – Victor Porton: So you initiate a transfer with one MetaMask and then confirm it with another one.
05/04/2021, 14:55 – Victor Porton: Multisig is certainly optional.
05/04/2021, 14:55 – Kenya lawyer: I’m being told this thing isn’t working in Kenya at the moment
05/04/2021, 14:55 – Victor Porton: Write 12 words secret codes on a paper and put it secretly without access for cheaters and fires.
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Victor Porton: Sad!
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Victor Porton: Show the message.
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Kenya lawyer: So it’s going to be hard for me to work on it.
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Victor Porton: I have just 3 minutes now.
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Victor Porton: Show the message.
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Kenya lawyer: It’s not activated in Kenya
05/04/2021, 14:56 – Victor Porton: Show the message.
05/04/2021, 14:57 – Victor Porton:
05/04/2021, 14:57 – Victor Porton: UPHOLD seems good
05/04/2021, 14:57 – Victor Porton:
05/04/2021, 14:58 – Victor Porton: I am busy, bye. Check if you can get some Binance alternative. Beware of cheaters.
05/04/2021, 14:59 – Victor Porton: Also note you need to keep some ETH (or BNB for BSC) in MetaMask to cover “gas” (transaction fees). On ETH they are rather high, in BSC they aren’t high. Bye
05/04/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
05/04/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer:
05/04/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer:
05/04/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer: Kenya is not among this countries
05/04/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer: So it can’t work.
05/04/2021, 15:09 – Kenya lawyer:
05/04/2021, 16:06 – Kenya lawyer: So you just have to send for me the $500 through Paypal
05/04/2021, 16:06 – Victor Porton: There are many other sites to receive crypto.
05/04/2021, 16:07 – Kenya lawyer: I don’t want to use Crypto, I want to use Paypal
05/04/2021, 16:07 – Victor Porton: Or you can open free or account overseas.
05/04/2021, 16:09 – Kenya lawyer: Then you try sending for me the $500 in my Crypto account
05/04/2021, 16:09 – Kenya lawyer: And I see if I will receive
05/04/2021, 16:10 – Victor Porton: Crypto payments never fail (except if paid too little “gas” fee for a transfer). The higher is gas fee, the faster the transfer happens.
05/04/2021, 16:10 – Kenya lawyer: Then pay me $500
05/04/2021, 16:14 – Victor Porton: It seems you also can sell crypto through (at least, it works in Israel)
05/04/2021, 16:14 – Victor Porton: You told that you pay me for the advice.
05/04/2021, 16:15 – Kenya lawyer: You said I give you an account you send for me
05/04/2021, 16:16 – Kenya lawyer: You pay me first, I will pay you later
05/04/2021, 16:16 – Victor Porton: You’ve said this.
05/04/2021, 16:16 – Victor Porton: – this seems to be an easy way to both buy and sell crypto in Kenya
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Kenya lawyer: Why should I send for you?
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Victor Porton: You told me that you give me $1000. It is your words.
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Kenya lawyer: I’m not sending you money, yo u pay me first for my work.
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Kenya lawyer: Sorry I can’t do that
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Victor Porton: OK, I will pay now. But you promised me $1000.
05/04/2021, 16:17 – Kenya lawyer: I guess I just misunderstood you.
05/04/2021, 16:18 – Victor Porton: So how did you understand me?
05/04/2021, 16:18 – Kenya lawyer: Yes I promised to send $1000
05/04/2021, 16:18 – Victor Porton: – you can get even money directly from crypto.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Kenya lawyer: But you you send for me first, when I receive yours then I can also send $1000 for you.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Victor Porton: Oh, quite OK.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Victor Porton: – probably is also good.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Kenya lawyer: I need to see your $500 then I can also send for you.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Victor Porton: So, I am sending you $500 equivalent of ETH in its current price.
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Kenya lawyer: You promised to send first then I also send after?
05/04/2021, 16:19 – Victor Porton: It’s OK.
05/04/2021, 16:20 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah.
05/04/2021, 16:20 – Kenya lawyer: I’m waiting
05/04/2021, 16:24 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send?
05/04/2021, 16:25 – Victor Porton: I’ve sent. It costed me about $38, because I use a very secure safe. A simple transfer (with just MetaMask) would cost…
05/04/2021, 16:25 – Victor Porton: about $5.41
05/04/2021, 16:25 – Kenya lawyer: Let me check
05/04/2021, 16:26 – Victor Porton: – here is your money (it is now a little less than $500 because prices change all the time and different exchanges have different prices). All crypto transactions are public (well, there is Zcash – secret transactions).
05/04/2021, 16:27 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 17:45 – Kenya lawyer: How can I withdraw this money.
05/04/2021, 17:45 – Victor Porton: I’ve explained above that there are several sites.
05/04/2021, 17:46 – Kenya lawyer: Which is the best site
05/04/2021, 17:46 – Victor Porton: You may decide not to withdraw. After a month they may 2x in cost or about this (or not).
05/04/2021, 17:46 – Victor Porton: What is the best site for Kenya?
05/04/2021, 17:46 – Kenya lawyer: Which site did Victoria use?
05/04/2021, 17:48 – Victor Porton: I sent directly to her mobile through, but that’s inconveient, time consuming, and costly, you can even lose transaction costs (if it is a peer to peer exchange and the buyer may just not respond).
05/04/2021, 17:48 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 17:48 – Victor Porton: note this, too
05/04/2021, 17:49 – Victor Porton: This is which site?
05/04/2021, 17:50 – Kenya lawyer: ETH
05/04/2021, 17:50 – Victor Porton: ETH isn’t a site
05/04/2021, 17:51 – Victor Porton: BTW, deleted their old records, so I don’t know the exact sum of crypto I sent to Victoria. It may be about $1000.
05/04/2021, 17:52 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 17:53 – Victor Porton: please tell which site works for you. You may search in google is … legit or spam? If Binance doesn’t work, you may try next (it’s not a fraudsters)
05/04/2021, 17:53 – Kenya lawyer: Yellow card
05/04/2021, 17:57 – Kenya lawyer: This does not support Kenya as well.
05/04/2021, 18:18 – Victor Porton: – I think this will work for you. I thought they are cheaters because there was a delay but I did receive money.
05/04/2021, 18:19 – Victor Porton: “Once we receive your reservation, we will record the exchange rate for you for 15 minutes and ask you to transfer your cryptocurrency to us.” Not sure what happens if you are too late.
05/04/2021, 18:24 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0006.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 18:24 – Victor Porton: They have tech support.
05/04/2021, 18:25 – Kenya lawyer: What do they mean by IBAN number
05/04/2021, 18:25 – Victor Porton: IBAN is an account number for EUR. Ask your bank. Or open an account at
05/04/2021, 18:26 – Victor Porton: even has KES currency. You can ETH->(>EUR->(>KES
05/04/2021, 18:27 – Victor Porton: I am going for food without a phone.
05/04/2021, 18:27 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 20:19 – Kenya lawyer: I still can’t transfer that money to KES
05/04/2021, 20:20 – Victor Porton: Where are you stuck?
05/04/2021, 20:21 – Victor Porton: Satos + Wise will likely work. But you may find something to do it in one stage.
05/04/2021, 20:21 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210405-WA0007.jpg (file attached)
05/04/2021, 20:21 – Victor Porton: So I gave you several sites. Try something
05/04/2021, 20:22 – Victor Porton: The site gives you an address to fund the balance, then you somehow withdraw. You may need to upload your passport or something.
05/04/2021, 20:24 – Victor Porton: You have learned to use Ethereum. That’s a rather valuable knowledge. Also and 1inch site and you are almost an expert in Ethereum payments
05/04/2021, 20:29 – Victor Porton: The you can write on your site your Ethereum and BSC address (they can be the same) and have a new mean of getting money from customers. Do you need a site? I can.
05/04/2021, 20:33 – Kenya lawyer: Can I send back the money to your account then you can send through Paypal.
05/04/2021, 20:33 – Kenya lawyer: Copy paste for me your account I send back
05/04/2021, 20:33 – Victor Porton: What is the trouble?
05/04/2021, 20:33 – Kenya lawyer: It isn’t working for me.
05/04/2021, 20:34 – Victor Porton: What exactly does not work?
05/04/2021, 20:34 – Kenya lawyer: Everything is not working
05/04/2021, 20:34 – Victor Porton: for example?
05/04/2021, 20:35 – Kenya lawyer: Linking the Crypto account with the Satos or wise
05/04/2021, 20:35 – Victor Porton: You can’t link a crypto account to Wise
05/04/2021, 20:35 – Victor Porton: I will check Satos, a few seconds.
05/04/2021, 20:36 – Kenya lawyer: I need to withdraw the Money to my Kenyan account
05/04/2021, 20:36 – Kenya lawyer: But it seem impossible
05/04/2021, 20:37 – Victor Porton: It is, I am trying to check what’s wrong. A few second. You can send back, but better not, it’s $5/transfer at least. And don’t send back to the same address, I may give another.
05/04/2021, 20:37 – Kenya lawyer: Okay give me an address
05/04/2021, 20:37 – Kenya lawyer: Then you can just send through Paypal, that’s the easiest method.
05/04/2021, 20:38 – Victor Porton: It seems, you just misunderstood: You to send EUR to Wise not KES. You use Wise to convert EUR to KES. That’s easy. You’ve almost become an international lawyer! ;-
05/04/2021, 20:38 – Victor Porton: Are you absolutely sure you need to send back? Satos isn’t difficult to use.
05/04/2021, 20:39 – Victor Porton: Or you can EUR transfer to your local bank without Wise (but then probably you lose much for the EUR transfer)
05/04/2021, 20:39 – Kenya lawyer: Send me the address I send back. I’m not specialized in this, I’m specialized in law. So we can work well if you just send for me the $500 through PayPal the same way you send to Mercy
05/04/2021, 20:39 – Victor Porton: OK.
05/04/2021, 20:39 – Kenya lawyer: Send me the address I use to send back
05/04/2021, 20:40 – Victor Porton: Send everything to 0x722cE03C15670c313f9596544CDB582c19f810e2 (but note: after a few years you may die of hunger if don’t learn crypto transfers, maybe after 10 years).
05/04/2021, 20:40 – Victor Porton: It’s not a joke.
05/04/2021, 20:40 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 20:40 – Victor Porton: Are you sending back?
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah.
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Victor Porton: Click Max
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Kenya lawyer: If you want to pat me, just use Paypal
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Victor Porton: OK, but looks like it will use several days.
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Kenya lawyer: The same way you send to Mercy.
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Victor Porton: Crypto is invented to make transfers eas y.
05/04/2021, 20:41 – Kenya lawyer: No problem, I will wait.
05/04/2021, 20:43 – Victor Porton: And I don’t understand what is the trouble with Satos
05/04/2021, 20:43 – Victor Porton: It is the easiest payment site
05/04/2021, 20:43 – Victor Porton: Wait!
05/04/2021, 20:43 – Victor Porton: I can set Satos payment for you and give you the address to pay instead of my address…
05/04/2021, 20:44 – Victor Porton: if it is legal
05/04/2021, 20:44 – Victor Porton: so we save $5
05/04/2021, 20:44 – Kenya lawyer: I have already send back
05/04/2021, 20:44 – Victor Porton: ok
05/04/2021, 20:45 – Kenya lawyer: The address isn’t working
05/04/2021, 20:46 – Kenya lawyer: Resend the address
05/04/2021, 20:46 – Victor Porton: It can’t be.
05/04/2021, 20:46 – Victor Porton: 0x722cE03C15670c313f9596544CDB582c19f810e2
05/04/2021, 20:46 – Victor Porton: What happened? (screenshot)
05/04/2021, 20:46 – Victor Porton: You didn’t send:
05/04/2021, 20:47 – Victor Porton: You’ve sent to yourself losing $8.38 fee!
05/04/2021, 20:47 – Victor Porton: I gave you 0x722cE03C15670c313f9596544CDB582c19f810e2, you entered your own address!
05/04/2021, 20:48 – Victor Porton: No, you did this 32 minutes ago. I don’t understand why.
05/04/2021, 20:48 – Victor Porton: It is why Satos does not work, right? You sent to yourself instead of sending to Satos.
05/04/2021, 20:48 – Kenya lawyer: I have send check
05/04/2021, 20:49 – Victor Porton: I’ve received.
05/04/2021, 20:49 – Victor Porton: we lost yet $7.69
05/04/2021, 20:49 – Kenya lawyer: Now you can just send through Paypal
05/04/2021, 20:49 – Victor Porton: OK
05/04/2021, 20:50 – Victor Porton: remind your paypal. I am not sure if it’s legal to send to your paypal through Satos:
05/04/2021, 20:50 – Victor Porton: it’s illegal
05/04/2021, 20:51 – Victor Porton: So, either paypal or bank KES or EUR – you prefer paypal?
05/04/2021, 20:51 – Kenya lawyer: My Paypal is
[email protected]
05/04/2021, 20:51 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
05/04/2021, 20:52 – Kenya lawyer: I prefer Paypal, the same way you use to send to Mercy
05/04/2021, 20:53 – Victor Porton: I can’t now, my bank account is empty. But I can send you EUR or KES. Is it OK?
05/04/2021, 20:54 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 20:54 – Kenya lawyer: Send KES
05/04/2021, 20:54 – Victor Porton: I am sending to my Wise.
05/04/2021, 20:54 – Victor Porton: I will need your bank account
05/04/2021, 20:55 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
05/04/2021, 20:55 – Victor Porton: wait
05/04/2021, 20:57 – Victor Porton: I am buying EUR to my Wise account at Satos.
05/04/2021, 20:57 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 21:03 – Kenya lawyer: Any update
05/04/2021, 21:04 – Victor Porton: Satos has an error (it worked a few days ago), I’ve lost $7
05/04/2021, 21:04 – Kenya lawyer: So how are you going to send the $500
05/04/2021, 21:05 – Victor Porton: Through KES
05/04/2021, 21:05 – Kenya lawyer: At what time?
05/04/2021, 21:05 – Victor Porton: It will take about 2-3 days, I think. You can start work. I will pay.
05/04/2021, 21:05 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 21:09 – Victor Porton: I’ve found a way to send directly to a KES account (bank or mobile). I don’t know if it’s legal to send to your KES account.
05/04/2021, 21:09 – Victor Porton: rules:
05/04/2021, 21:13 – Victor Porton: It seems that do not disallow to transfer directly to your account
05/04/2021, 21:17 – Victor Porton: So, bank or mobile KES transfer?
05/04/2021, 21:25 – Victor Porton: I am ready to send you!
05/04/2021, 21:28 – Victor Porton: You’ve lost $8.36 by transferring to yourself, it’s your failure. KES?
05/04/2021, 21:28 – Kenya lawyer: You can send through mobile money
05/04/2021, 21:28 – Victor Porton: Well, could you check – it seems it does not disallow to transfer to another person, but I am somehow afraid.
05/04/2021, 21:28 – Kenya lawyer: Just deduct the amount we’ve lost
05/04/2021, 21:30 – Kenya lawyer: Ok you try sending
05/04/2021, 21:33 – Kenya lawyer: Instead of $500 you can send, $420
05/04/2021, 21:38 – Victor Porton: For an unknown reason it shows zero KES balance. Can I send you USD?
05/04/2021, 21:38 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
05/04/2021, 21:38 – Victor Porton: SWIFT or SEN.
05/04/2021, 21:38 – Victor Porton: You have only SWIFT or SEN, too?
05/04/2021, 21:39 – Kenya lawyer: Swift
05/04/2021, 21:39 – Kenya lawyer: Send screenshot
05/04/2021, 21:39 – Victor Porton: It’s useless
05/04/2021, 21:39 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 21:40 – Victor Porton: I discovered that it does not work…
05/04/2021, 21:41 – Kenya lawyer: Ooops
05/04/2021, 21:41 – Kenya lawyer: Then you will just have to use Paypal
05/04/2021, 21:41 – Victor Porton: OK
05/04/2021, 21:42 – Victor Porton: It is much easier to withdraw to yourself than to somebody other
05/04/2021, 21:43 – Kenya lawyer: The only option you have now is to use Paypal, the same way you send for Mercy
05/04/2021, 21:43 – Victor Porton: Ok, I am sending to my own bank, that’s the only option. Sorry that it took so much time.
05/04/2021, 21:44 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, you send to your bank account then transfer to my Paypal account. Simple
05/04/2021, 21:44 – Victor Porton: It was exactly what I wanted to avoid.
05/04/2021, 21:45 – Kenya lawyer: That’s the only option you have
05/04/2021, 21:45 – Kenya lawyer: I have already started working
05/04/2021, 21:49 – Kenya lawyer: How do you send money to Mercy if I might ask?
05/04/2021, 21:50 – Victor Porton: I had money in bank a few days ago
05/04/2021, 21:50 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
05/04/2021, 21:50 – Kenya lawyer: So for how should I wait.
05/04/2021, 22:00 – Kenya lawyer: Hello?
05/04/2021, 22:00 – Victor Porton: No. I am sending to myself.
05/04/2021, 22:01 – Kenya lawyer: Okay let me wait.
05/04/2021, 22:18 – Kenya lawyer: Have you managed to send to yourself?
05/04/2021, 22:18 – Victor Porton: Not yet.
05/04/2021, 22:18 – Victor Porton: I have a little trouble.
05/04/2021, 22:19 – Kenya lawyer: What trouble?
05/04/2021, 22:19 – Victor Porton: My email works not well
05/04/2021, 22:19 – Kenya lawyer: I need to go to bed now. Tomorrow I have to wake up and start working on your issues.
05/04/2021, 22:19 – Victor Porton: OK. All OK
05/04/2021, 22:20 – Kenya lawyer: That’s why I wanted to get an assurance from you about the payment
05/04/2021, 22:20 – Victor Porton: Be sure.
05/04/2021, 22:20 – Kenya lawyer: Ok, I hope it will work. Will be waiting for it.
06/04/2021, 07:29 – Kenya lawyer: Hello, did you manage to send?
06/04/2021, 07:31 – Kenya lawyer: I’m already in the office at the law farm here in Nairobi. I’m now drafting a lawyers letter which we shall send to Victoria by the end of the day.
06/04/2021, 07:32 – Victor Porton: No, I said, it will take several days.
06/04/2021, 07:36 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
06/04/2021, 16:54 – Kenya lawyer: Hello sir, just to give you and update of the work you assigned me. I have managed to write to your wife in regards to your complain. We have summoned her to come over in our office through a court order so that she can answer to all her offences. We advice you to get ready because I’m officially your lawyer and I want to take your marriage certificate to the Attorney General and process the divorce paper’s. I want you to be officially divorced to Victoria so that you can move on and I’m working on that.
06/04/2021, 17:16 – Victor Porton: Thank you. All ok.
06/04/2021, 17:18 – Kenya lawyer: I would also wish to know how you want the NGO that is being set here in kenya, how it will be running and who will be the main donor’s?
06/04/2021, 17:42 – Victor Porton: Maybe I myself will be main donor. I will also seek grants. I a m going to do a business directing profits to the NGO.
06/04/2021, 17:53 – Kenya lawyer: What is your estimated monthly cash that you shall be sending to the NGO’s account and what will be the main obligation or the role of your NGO here in Kenya.
06/04/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: I just want to know this so that in case of anything, I will be acting as your lawyer here in Kenya and I will be representing you to the Kenyan Government in case of any query
06/04/2021, 17:56 – Victor Porton: I will conceive, plan, and do the projects. I will earn money (probably directly to the NGO budget: I have no commerce permit anyway) and receive a salary from these money to myself. I will also help Mercy to be taught to do similar works. Roles in Kenya include to make African countries’ science well-financed from international funds, work for UBI, etc. as well as to promote scientific projects done in Kenya abroad.
06/04/2021, 17:59 – Kenya lawyer: Okay I get it now, we shall be here to support you and let’s hope all will be well.
06/04/2021, 18:01 – Kenya lawyer: How many people are you going to employ here in kenya, of course you need people who will be helping you run the organization. Do you have any salary plan for them once the NGO is ready to set off.
06/04/2021, 18:14 – Victor Porton: As few as I can. I think, Mercy has made them agree to be on board for free. In the future, there may be many paid workers, but that’s too early to plan.
06/04/2021, 18:18 – Kenya lawyer: So what you mean Mercy has organised and agreed that they will work for free as they wait for the NGO to stabilise that’s when they will start receiving payments?
06/04/2021, 18:53 – Victor Porton: I think, so. You may ask Mercy.
06/04/2021, 19:12 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
And I’m sure you are aware that after the NGO is now fully authorised to work in Kenya, they will need still need some cash to set up an office, buy some furniture and any other necessary items according to the budget that shall have. Will you be able to fund this once the Certificate of operation and authorisation is out?
06/04/2021, 19:13 – Victor Porton: I have already sent this money to Mercy.
06/04/2021, 19:13 – Victor Porton: The NGO isn’t registered yet, is it?
06/04/2021, 19:13 – Kenya lawyer: It’s still in the process
06/04/2021, 19:14 – Kenya lawyer: How much have you send for Mercy for the NGO’s office set up.?
06/04/2021, 19:14 – Victor Porton: $500, if I do not mistake
06/04/2021, 19:14 – Kenya lawyer: When was that?
06/04/2021, 19:15 – Victor Porton: 3 Apr
06/04/2021, 19:15 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
06/04/2021, 19:22 – Kenya lawyer: I’m going to work with you and help you as your lawyer here in Kenya and make sure all your objectives with the NGO runs smoothly.
06/04/2021, 19:23 – Kenya lawyer: Let’s go back to the issue of Victoria, what criminal charges should we sue her for?
06/04/2021, 19:24 – Victor Porton: 1. unjust enrichment (as she was an intermediary for receiving money from me to her parents, preachers, and some crypto) and did absolutely nothing good for me after taking money, despite of of what she said to do; 2. fraud (as she lied about her… everything); 3. creating a danger for my health as she lied that there is no malaria in Kenya when welcoming me; 4. rape (she made me have sex with her by a disinformation) – it is a kind of representing herself as another person: her personality was completely different than one she told me about herself.
06/04/2021, 19:25 – Victor Porton: her parents are preachers
06/04/2021, 19:31 – Kenya lawyer: Thank you, those are 4 criminal charges. Do you know that you are still legally married to her through the Married certificate. Would you wish to have an official divorce application. She can use the marriage certificate to fraud you by claiming that you’re the husband but not taking care of her. Can I go on with the divorce application between you and Victoria?
06/04/2021, 19:32 – Victor Porton: Yes. Note also that in Israel I am not considered married.
06/04/2021, 19:32 – Kenya lawyer: But in kenya you are
06/04/2021, 19:32 – Victor Porton: I know.
06/04/2021, 19:33 – Kenya lawyer: Meaning she can make a step and go to the Israel embassy here in kenya and report the matter.
06/04/2021, 19:34 – Victor Porton: Israel would ignore it: they have very strict rules for marriage (by the way, when I told Victoria before the conflict to follow these rules, she refused, I tried to explain her than our marriage is then useless because she could not go to Israel, but she ignored.)
06/04/2021, 19:34 – Kenya lawyer: That’s why we need to work on the divorce very fast and finish it by the end of the week
06/04/2021, 19:36 – Victor Porton: One more thing: She not just ignored most of my sexual requests, but also when we actually attempted to have sex during sex ignored my requests to make me excited. In Russia we say about this “wife-baulk” (one that just lies in the bed and does nothing)).
06/04/2021, 19:36 – Kenya lawyer: You need to be a free man when you come to Kenya. I know you will come to kenya one day and I have to work and make sure you all is well.
06/04/2021, 19:37 – Kenya lawyer: Do you have another wife in Israel?
06/04/2021, 19:37 – Victor Porton: No.
06/04/2021, 19:38 – Victor Porton: I was not married. (Well, in fact I had a partial memory loss long time ago, maybe I had a wife (I vaguely remember somethnig like this.), but I have no any documents on this, so I assume I probably was de-facto married but not de-juro married.)
06/04/2021, 19:39 – Kenya lawyer: Do you have any plans of coming to kenya again?
06/04/2021, 19:40 – Victor Porton: Yes, I want to live with Mercy. I also attempt to transfer us both to Harvard. It is very hard to move a foreign person to Israel.
06/04/2021, 19:40 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, that’s nice.
06/04/2021, 19:41 – Kenya lawyer: I have lots of work to do for you I hope you are working on my payment so that I can get something by the end of the week.
06/04/2021, 19:41 – Victor Porton: I am waiting money to my bank.
06/04/2021, 19:41 – Kenya lawyer: Okay,
06/04/2021, 19:43 – Kenya lawyer: Let me hope I will get something by the end of the week
08/04/2021, 10:13 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor how are you doing?
08/04/2021, 10:14 – Victor Porton: Hi. I am still waiting for money. I apparently can pay only next week. You should have withdraw crypto yourself. To transfer money to somebody other is much harder than to transfer to yourself.
08/04/2021, 10:14 – Kenya lawyer: It’s okay no problem
08/04/2021, 10:15 – Victor Porton: It seems I solved an important math problem. I solved “half” of P=NP – one of 7 million dollars problems of Clay institute. (There is a possibility of an error, however, yet.)
08/04/2021, 10:15 – Victor Porton: The solution is less than one page.
08/04/2021, 10:16 – Kenya lawyer: Money is not a big deal for me, I will wait until next week. I just wanted to let you know that we have filed a case against Victoria and the case will kick of next week in the Kenyan Court
08/04/2021, 10:16 – Victor Porton: Thank you.
08/04/2021, 10:16 – Kenya lawyer: If possible you might be invited to testify and that will be done through Zoom because your far
08/04/2021, 10:16 – Victor Porton: I am a little sick (apparently, chronic sinusitis). I want to rest.
08/04/2021, 10:17 – Victor Porton: It’s OK. Be sure to write or even call me on WhatsApp to be sure I don’t miss the meeting.
08/04/2021, 10:18 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, I will keep you posted and also you should have in mind that the my charges will have to increase as I start the case.
08/04/2021, 10:18 – Victor Porton: You didn’t warn!
08/04/2021, 10:18 – Kenya lawyer: I will be appearing as your lawyer at the court from next week. Now I’m just letting you know.
08/04/2021, 10:18 – Victor Porton: Can I get a compensation from Victoria? Is she rich enough to pay?
08/04/2021, 10:19 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah she’s rich enough to pay and you can get a compensation of up to $25,000
08/04/2021, 10:19 – Victor Porton: Bye.
08/04/2021, 10:20 – Kenya lawyer: For the damages she has caused, I’m going to fight hard for you in this case.
08/04/2021, 10:20 – Kenya lawyer: The minimum amount compensation you can get is $5000
08/04/2021, 10:21 – Kenya lawyer: Let me do my part.
08/04/2021, 10:22 – Kenya lawyer: Sorry I meant $2500 and $500
08/04/2021, 17:04 – Kenya lawyer: CASE FILE FOR MR. VICTOR PORTON.pdf (file attached)
08/04/2021, 17:06 – Kenya lawyer: That is the case file against Victoria, we are preceding to the court next week.
08/04/2021, 17:07 – Victor Porton: heath -> health
08/04/2021, 17:07 – Victor Porton: I’m sick.
08/04/2021, 17:08 – Kenya lawyer: It shall be included as we proceed with the case, you will be present via zoom to testify
08/04/2021, 17:08 – Victor Porton: OK
08/04/2021, 17:10 – Victor Porton: You missed that I also paid for avia tickets.
08/04/2021, 17:10 – Kenya lawyer: Got it, will be included
08/04/2021, 17:10 – Kenya lawyer: She must compensate you for everything.
08/04/2021, 17:11 – Kenya lawyer: How much did you pay for the tickets?
08/04/2021, 17:14 – Kenya lawyer: Kindly write to me the total money you have spend on Victoria. If you have the receipts and transaction messages you can also send.
08/04/2021, 17:30 – Victor Porton: There are great consequential damages. I am a great mathematician and I had troubles publishing partly because of Victoria. The result is unbelievably bad: I am mispublished and therefore can’t re-publish (without paying a big amount of my own money) and others would have a big trouble to publish on the same topic because of discovery priority issue. The unbelievably bad result is: the development of science of mankind is blocked.
08/04/2021, 17:32 – Victor Porton: Moreover I worked on a fianncial project related to financing of science and on climate funds. It is in a bad state now.
08/04/2021, 17:32 – Victor Porton: It is about cryptocurrency.
08/04/2021, 17:33 – Kenya lawyer: What’s the total amount you want for compensation?
08/04/2021, 17:35 – Victor Porton: I don’t know. If it is Victoria caused my climate project to fail (in the supposition it failed), it may be like $100 trillion. I in no way can calculate the damage, but that’s my estimation. You are a lawyer, you know better than me what to say and what not to say at the court.
08/04/2021, 17:36 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, I will do my best to represent you well and I will make sure she pays. She is rich enough to compensate you.
08/04/2021, 17:42 – Victor Porton: I didn’t have this idea at the time of meeting with Victoria, but I wrote a reasonable, founded proposal for a cryptocurrency system to allocate a big part of my money to my system. If I did not fail it due to head damage by some unknown noise (it’s not tinnitus, because it was only in my room) source by behaving wrong socially (I think, entirely as a result of this head damage), my proposal would probably have already succeeded. This would probably caused reversal of climate change. And the not the missing money because of Victoria, I would probably moved to another place without the noise.
08/04/2021, 17:43 – Victor Porton: my money -> their money
08/04/2021, 17:43 – Kenya lawyer: I get it Victor
08/04/2021, 17:44 – Kenya lawyer: I’m getting the points to present at the Court
08/04/2021, 17:44 – Victor Porton: The noise is felt to be inside the head. Maybe, it was a strong infra- or ultra- sound. I am not sure, I was unable to understand its tone.
08/04/2021, 17:45 – Victor Porton: I can show you my crypto proposal. It is now an official draft proposal.
08/04/2021, 17:45 – Victor Porton:
08/04/2021, 17:45 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
08/04/2021, 17:46 – Victor Porton: Because of the noise I behaved like a drunk man (You could see my silly face expression in the video.) and was excluded from the community, what also caused further money loss for me.
08/04/2021, 17:46 – Kenya lawyer: Noted
08/04/2021, 17:47 – Victor Porton: I also lost the results profits from my potential investments. (Crypto increased since that time several times in price, if to count in USD.)
08/04/2021, 17:49 – Victor Porton: It’s hard to believe, but my estimations show that if Future Salaries project (my noncommercial crypto app) succeeds, my lifetime salary in my own salary payout system could likely reach trillions of dollars. (Future Salaries calculations are likely to be based on predicted future cumulative citation counts of scientific works. In my opinion, I am likely to be cited in the future more than Einstein.)
08/04/2021, 17:49 – Victor Porton: I have a published with a serious scientific publisher math research monograph:
08/04/2021, 17:50 – Victor Porton: – the proof that I am not a false scientist (despite of no degree)
08/04/2021, 17:54 – Victor Porton: Another proof that I am a real scientist: and find relatively many results but finds only my writings. So, I am the first person who guessed to put words “ordered semigroup action” together. That’s a huge discovery (especially, together with my description of properties of this three-words phrase).
08/04/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: That’s grear
08/04/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: *great
08/04/2021, 18:05 – Victor Porton: This is my app:
09/04/2021, 17:44 – Victor Porton: My computer broke today. I may delay the payment a few days more. That a force majeure
09/04/2021, 17:44 – Victor Porton: I am writing from the phone.
09/04/2021, 19:06 – Kenya lawyer: How many more days of delay?
09/04/2021, 19:06 – Victor Porton: I think, I will receive money about Mon or Tue. The I’ll immediately pay you
09/04/2021, 19:06 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
09/04/2021, 19:07 – Kenya lawyer: On that Monday we shall start the court procure. Victoria will be in court on Wednesday.
09/04/2021, 19:08 – Victor Porton: I can be present through phone. Install zoom?
09/04/2021, 19:09 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah I have Zoom already installed and you MUST be present.
09/04/2021, 19:10 – Kenya lawyer: And we want to do everything at once including the divorce process, are you ready for the divorce process?
09/04/2021, 19:12 – Victor Porton: I think yes (what should I do to prepare?
09/04/2021, 19:13 – Victor Porton: Please create a zoom meeting for me to check that it works.
09/04/2021, 19:13 – Kenya lawyer: You will have to pay $100 to the attorney as a fee for the attorney to administer the and preside over the divorce.
09/04/2021, 19:15 – Kenya lawyer: I will do that on Monday while in Court as we prepare. I will also guide you on how you will present yourself to the judge and how to respond to the questions you will be asked.
09/04/2021, 19:16 – Kenya lawyer: You should be ready and I will prepare you on Monday before you attend the Wednesday session. Remember Victoria also has a Lawyer and they will have Several Questions for you, I will take you through on Monday Sir.
09/04/2021, 19:17 – Victor Porton: Warn me about the time beforehand
09/04/2021, 19:18 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah, i will guide you through everything on Monday
09/04/2021, 19:18 – Kenya lawyer: How everything should be done.
09/04/2021, 19:19 – Victor Porton: Also note I have kinda a slight disability in answering questions orderly, let it be not counted as I unrespect to the court.
09/04/2021, 19:19 – Victor Porton: But I may be in the bank or buy a laptop. I need an advance warning.
09/04/2021, 19:20 – Kenya lawyer: I will explain that to the judge, and most of the things I will be speaking on your behalf, you will only answer a few questions
09/04/2021, 19:20 – Kenya lawyer: But 95% of the talk will be me, I will defend you fully and fight for your compensation
09/04/2021, 19:20 – Victor Porton: Ok
09/04/2021, 19:21 – Kenya lawyer: You try your best and get a new laptop before Wednesday as we start the case.
09/04/2021, 19:21 – Victor Porton: I hope so. But my phone also has a camera
09/04/2021, 19:22 – Kenya lawyer: Also fine.
09/04/2021, 19:22 – Kenya lawyer: As long as we have good communication then there’s no problem
09/04/2021, 19:22 – Victor Porton: Ok.
09/04/2021, 19:24 – Kenya lawyer: And I also hope you try and do some payment for me, as you can see I have started the process already.
09/04/2021, 19:25 – Victor Porton: It’s entirely impossible without risking about half of ALL my money and big spent for transfer.
09/04/2021, 19:26 – Kenya lawyer: I understand
09/04/2021, 19:26 – Kenya lawyer: But you should be sure that Victoria is going to compensate you for all the damages
09/04/2021, 19:27 – Kenya lawyer: She is rich enough to do that, Journalist in Kenya are well off people, so it’s my job to make sure that you get compensated
09/04/2021, 19:28 – Kenya lawyer: How much are you going to send for me on Monday or Tuesday as you say?
09/04/2021, 19:29 – Victor Porton: So 600
09/04/2021, 19:29 – Kenya lawyer: Court appearance and defense.

  1. Your compensation – $500
  2. Divorce application – $100
  3. Attorney fees – $100
    09/04/2021, 19:29 – Kenya lawyer: $700
    09/04/2021, 19:30 – Victor Porton: Ok 700
    09/04/2021, 19:30 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah.
    09/04/2021, 19:30 – Kenya lawyer: I promise to represent you well Sir.
    09/04/2021, 19:35 – Victor Porton: You previously said it’s 420 instead of 500.
    09/04/2021, 19:38 – Kenya lawyer: That is if you will deduct the money I lost through Crypto. I lost $8 I guess after sending back.
    09/04/2021, 19:38 – Kenya lawyer: So 500-8
    09/04/2021, 19:39 – Kenya lawyer: How much did I loose through Crypto after sending for you back the money?
    09/04/2021, 19:40 – Victor Porton: I can calculate when will have a computer
    09/04/2021, 19:41 – Kenya lawyer: I guess it’s $8 so you can deduct
    09/04/2021, 19:42 – Victor Porton: I lost more, but I can’t calculate now
    09/04/2021, 19:42 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, you will do that after you get your computer
    10/04/2021, 18:26 – Victor Porton: Oh, I forgot to say an important thing: I have a share in a computer game company. It’s not a non-commercial thing. So, what’s with this business? One of the variants is to give a part of the profit to mercy as the business owner.
    10/04/2021, 20:03 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, when will you start giving her part of the profit?
    10/04/2021, 20:04 – Kenya lawyer: And what’s the probability of the amount you will be giving her from the profit?
    10/04/2021, 20:27 – Victor Porton: It may depend on your decision. She wants half, but I think, it’s too much.
    10/04/2021, 20:29 – Kenya lawyer: Okay,
    10/04/2021, 20:29 – Kenya lawyer: How much could that be in your simple calculation?
    10/04/2021, 21:53 – Victor Porton: 30 percent maybe
    10/04/2021, 21:53 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah half is kinda too much, i can say.
    10/04/2021, 21:53 – Kenya lawyer: 30 percent is better
    10/04/2021, 21:54 – Kenya lawyer: Or even quarter of the profit.
    10/04/2021, 21:54 – Victor Porton: Ok
    10/04/2021, 21:54 – Kenya lawyer: Have you got a new computer?
    10/04/2021, 21:55 – Kenya lawyer: Polycarp Temba is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Apr 12, 2021 10:00 AM Nairobi

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 281 1603
Passcode: 10wnr4
10/04/2021, 21:56 – Kenya lawyer: That’s the link to our Zoom Monday meeting.
10/04/2021, 22:20 – Victor Porton: It’s Saturday
10/04/2021, 22:34 – Victor Porton: Can we use WhatsApp in the court. I lost zoom password because of broken pc.
11/04/2021, 03:35 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
11/04/2021, 08:46 – Victor Porton: I am going to a bank to pay you.
11/04/2021, 08:50 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
11/04/2021, 08:51 – Victor Porton: Oh, I don’t go to the bank: I’ve found that I have the password of the bank stored on my phone. But I didn’t receive money yet, so I can’t pay you today. I am going to buy a laptop right now.
11/04/2021, 08:52 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, so I should wait until tomorrow for my payment?
11/04/2021, 08:54 – Kenya lawyer: Or when will you receive the money in the Bank?
11/04/2021, 08:54 – Victor Porton: No, sadly you need to wait more.
11/04/2021, 08:54 – Victor Porton: So
11/04/2021, 08:55 – Kenya lawyer: For many days more, you told me you will send on Monday or Tuesday?
11/04/2021, 08:56 – Victor Porton: Let me investigate
11/04/2021, 08:57 – Kenya lawyer: Please do. I have been waiting for that payment, I’m expecting it tomorrow or Tuesday.
11/04/2021, 15:00 – Kenya lawyer: Any update Sir?
11/04/2021, 15:03 – Kenya lawyer: Have you finished your investigation?
11/04/2021, 15:04 – Victor Porton: I’ve bought a laptop.
11/04/2021, 15:04 – Kenya lawyer: What about the money in the Bank, have you found out when you will have it
11/04/2021, 15:06 – Kenya lawyer: Have you got a specific date?
11/04/2021, 15:07 – Victor Porton: I think after two days you will have money, but the exact time isn’t known yet.
11/04/2021, 15:07 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
11/04/2021, 22:58 – Victor Porton: I think, I’ll be sent EUR to me next day. Is it ok to send you the sum converted to EUR instead?
11/04/2021, 23:21 – Kenya lawyer: As long as it will be possible to be transferred through PayPal then no problem
11/04/2021, 23:22 – Victor Porton: Oh, I think, PayPal is ok, but my conversion fee is big. Maybe better to send EUR through bank
11/04/2021, 23:23 – Kenya lawyer: Okay then, so I will receive it on Monday.
11/04/2021, 23:24 – Victor Porton: I myself will be sent only next day.
11/04/2021, 23:24 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
11/04/2021, 23:29 – Kenya lawyer: What’s your Paypal email?
11/04/2021, 23:29 – Victor Porton: [email protected]
11/04/2021, 23:29 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
11/04/2021, 23:32 – Kenya lawyer: I just send you a request on PayPal where you will send for me, you can check.
11/04/2021, 23:33 – Victor Porton: My pc does not work yet. And (too bad) Linux crashed during copying files.
11/04/2021, 23:33 – Kenya lawyer: Okay you will just check it out later
12/04/2021, 11:42 – Kenya lawyer: Hey Victor., how are you doing?
12/04/2021, 12:59 – Victor Porton: I’m weary and a little sick after several days work on making my new computer work.
12/04/2021, 13:22 – Kenya lawyer: Have you got some Medication?
12/04/2021, 13:23 – Victor Porton: I have too much work now to go to a doctor
12/04/2021, 13:23 – Kenya lawyer: Ok, any update from your bank?
12/04/2021, 13:24 – Victor Porton: Not yet
12/04/2021, 13:24 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
12/04/2021, 17:41 – Victor Porton: So when do we have a zoom meeting?
12/04/2021, 18:56 – Kenya lawyer: Tomorrow
12/04/2021, 19:45 – Victor Porton: What if I send the money to Mercy and she delivers to you?
12/04/2021, 19:46 – Victor Porton: My employer sent me money.
12/04/2021, 20:06 – Kenya lawyer: You can just send to me direct
12/04/2021, 20:06 – Kenya lawyer: That will be a long process, and extra expenses.
12/04/2021, 20:11 – Kenya lawyer: You will use the same channel to send, so you can just send to me direct.

[email protected]
12/04/2021, 20:12 – Victor Porton: What do you mean by “the same channel”?
12/04/2021, 20:12 – Kenya lawyer: “PayPal”
12/04/2021, 20:12 – Kenya lawyer: I guess you send for Mercy through PayPal, so you can just send for me the same way.
12/04/2021, 20:21 – Kenya lawyer: [email protected]
12/04/2021, 20:22 – Kenya lawyer: Is that okay?
12/04/2021, 20:23 – Victor Porton: Yes.
12/04/2021, 20:23 – Kenya lawyer: Thank you
12/04/2021, 20:23 – Kenya lawyer: At what time are you sending?
12/04/2021, 20:23 – Victor Porton: I think, I will have money next day.
12/04/2021, 20:24 – Kenya lawyer: I thought you said you have received the money from your employer
12/04/2021, 20:24 – Victor Porton: I said he has sent.
12/04/2021, 20:25 – Kenya lawyer: What means has he used to send?
12/04/2021, 20:25 – Victor Porton: He sent me money today
12/04/2021, 20:25 – Kenya lawyer: Has he sent to your bank?
12/04/2021, 20:25 – Victor Porton: Yes.
12/04/2021, 20:26 – Kenya lawyer: So you have to go to the bank first
12/04/2021, 20:38 – Kenya lawyer: You mentioned that you dont have to go to the bank, you can just do it from home as you have the password of the bank?
12/04/2021, 20:43 – Kenya lawyer: Tomorrow we have a Zoom meeting at 12pm Note that. I will guide you through how the case shall proceeded.
12/04/2021, 20:50 – Kenya lawyer: Polycarp Temba is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Apr 13, 2021 12:00 PM Nairobi

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 281 1603
Passcode: 7LNcci
12/04/2021, 20:50 – Victor Porton: Yes
12/04/2021, 20:53 – Victor Porton: I’ve made a reminder
12/04/2021, 20:56 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
12/04/2021, 20:57 – Kenya lawyer: Let me wait for the next day as you say, which is tomorrow. We shall talk more during the meeting.
12/04/2021, 21:02 – Victor Porton: Ok
13/04/2021, 08:38 – Kenya lawyer: Good Morning Viktor?
13/04/2021, 10:24 – Victor Porton: Hello
13/04/2021, 10:34 – Kenya lawyer: Are you ready for the meeting?
13/04/2021, 10:34 – Victor Porton: Yes
13/04/2021, 10:34 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
13/04/2021, 10:34 – Victor Porton: Zoom
13/04/2021, 10:34 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
13/04/2021, 10:35 – Kenya lawyer: Any update, have you managed to sent the money on my PayPal?
13/04/2021, 10:36 – Victor Porton: No, i told moneyvwere set 5o me only today,
13/04/2021, 10:36 – Kenya lawyer: Ok let me wait
13/04/2021, 10:37 – Victor Porton: I told that i myself didnt re eive yet!
13/04/2021, 10:41 – Victor Porton: Yesterday.
13/04/2021, 10:42 – Kenya lawyer: You said your employer has sent for you.
13/04/2021, 10:42 – Kenya lawyer: ??
13/04/2021, 10:42 – Victor Porton: Yes, yesterday he sent.
13/04/2021, 10:43 – Kenya lawyer: Meaning you have the money?
13/04/2021, 10:43 – Victor Porton: Not yet. Bank transfers are slow.
13/04/2021, 10:44 – Victor Porton: Btw, i sent you crypto and you sent back,
13/04/2021, 10:44 – Kenya lawyer: I know, because I couldn’t use Crypto
13/04/2021, 10:45 – Kenya lawyer: And I told you the best way for me is Paypal, the same way you sent to Mercy
13/04/2021, 10:45 – Victor Porton: Yes
13/04/2021, 10:45 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
13/04/2021, 10:46 – Kenya lawyer: I hope I will get something today.
13/04/2021, 10:49 – Victor Porton: I am afraid, swift goes several days.
13/04/2021, 11:15 – Kenya lawyer: How many more days?
13/04/2021, 11:16 – Kenya lawyer: I’m working but I haven’t received anything, the case is starting tomorrow. Victoria will be in Court and I’m working up and down to represent you.
13/04/2021, 11:58 – Victor Porton: You did receive: I sent you crypto. I will try to calculate.
13/04/2021, 12:00 – Kenya lawyer: The meeting is on
13/04/2021, 12:00 – Kenya lawyer: Explain to me all this in the meeting
13/04/2021, 12:02 – Kenya lawyer: Kindly join the Zoom
13/04/2021, 12:03 – Kenya lawyer:
13/04/2021, 12:06 – Kenya lawyer: Hello
13/04/2021, 12:14 – Kenya lawyer: I’m having a lot of work to do, if your busy then let’s have that meeting later.
13/04/2021, 12:14 – Kenya lawyer: Bye
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Victor Porton: Later
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Kenya lawyer: You said you had a reminder for the meeting,
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Victor Porton: Yes
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Kenya lawyer: Are you busy?
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Victor Porton: Yes
13/04/2021, 12:15 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
13/04/2021, 12:16 – Kenya lawyer: What do you mean by this?
13/04/2021, 12:16 – Victor Porton: I sent you crypto, then you decided to refuse despite of my will
13/04/2021, 12:17 – Kenya lawyer: I did not refuse, I told you I’m not able to use Crypto
13/04/2021, 12:17 – Kenya lawyer: You just send the money through PayPal. Simple.
13/04/2021, 12:17 – Victor Porton: Yes
13/04/2021, 12:17 – Kenya lawyer: You have a good day.
13/04/2021, 12:20 – Kenya lawyer: You will let me know after you sent for me so that we can continue.
13/04/2021, 12:21 – Victor Porton: I told I can’t send today. I myself was sent money to only today!
13/04/2021, 14:58 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
13/04/2021, 14:59 – Kenya lawyer: I will wait then.
13/04/2021, 16:49 – Victor Porton: We were going to zoom.
13/04/2021, 18:56 – Kenya lawyer: The Zoom meeting was supposed to be at 12pm
13/04/2021, 18:56 – Kenya lawyer: I called you and you said you were busy.
13/04/2021, 18:57 – Victor Porton: You told we can speak later
13/04/2021, 18:57 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah.
13/04/2021, 18:57 – Kenya lawyer: I’m attending to another client right now
13/04/2021, 18:59 – Kenya lawyer: I will write to you later on how to carry out yourself at the court
13/04/2021, 20:19 – Kenya lawyer: Victoria just called me, I will be meeting her lawyer tomorrow at 9am in the Morning she Say’s her lawyer has an important message for me.
13/04/2021, 20:28 – Kenya lawyer: Victoria is suggesting that if you can allow this case to be settled out of court. She wants me to meet her tomorrow with her lawyer so that we can discuss the issue. So what can you say about that?
14/04/2021, 10:31 – Victor Porton: You did not tell the time of thelawsuit!
14/04/2021, 12:01 – Kenya lawyer: Will update you today the Case has been pushed to next week on Monday
14/04/2021, 12:02 – Kenya lawyer: I’m meeting with Victoria and her lawyer this afternoon I will let you know on the what we shall discuss.
14/04/2021, 14:54 – Kenya lawyer: Hey I just finished my meeting with Victoria, and she wants me to request you if you can allow this issue to be settle out of court and she is also willing to have a divorce, and ready to compensate you for all the damages she caused on you. What can you say about that?
14/04/2021, 16:30 – Victor Porton: Does it make any sense to try to say in the court about this science thing for the sake of saying it?
14/04/2021, 17:05 – Kenya lawyer: That is your choice.
14/04/2021, 17:05 – Kenya lawyer: If you want us to proceed with the case then i have no problem
14/04/2021, 17:06 – Kenya lawyer: We can still go on with the case at the court, what Victoria fears is her being sent to jail.
14/04/2021, 17:06 – Victor Porton: How much time do I have?
14/04/2021, 17:06 – Kenya lawyer: That’s why she is willing to compensate you for everything.
14/04/2021, 17:07 – Kenya lawyer: You have until the end of the week.
14/04/2021, 17:07 – Kenya lawyer: You come up with a decision whether to continue with the case at the court or not.
14/04/2021, 17:08 – Kenya lawyer: But what I can advice you as a lawyer. Its better for her to compensate you, divorce her and let her go. On the other hand you can make her go to jail.
14/04/2021, 17:20 – Kenya lawyer: I understood everything you’ve said.
14/04/2021, 17:21 – Kenya lawyer: So you just work on my pay, I hope I will get my payment by the end of the week.
14/04/2021, 17:22 – Victor Porton: Let you present on the court, but I may decide to take back my request to take her to the court (I have this right?)
14/04/2021, 17:23 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah you have that right.
14/04/2021, 17:23 – Victor Porton: So, let the lawsuit proceeds.
14/04/2021, 17:23 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
14/04/2021, 17:23 – Kenya lawyer: Any update on my payment?
14/04/2021, 17:24 – Kenya lawyer: I didn’t get you well on the call?
14/04/2021, 17:27 – Victor Porton: I am still waiting to receive money sent by my emploer. Wire transfers are very slow, i would take money from crypto, but my computer broke and the emploer sent money anyway before this,
14/04/2021, 17:28 – Kenya lawyer: I thought you said you bought a new computer
14/04/2021, 17:29 – Kenya lawyer: Anyway let me keep waiting.
14/04/2021, 21:41 – Victor Porton: Yes, I did. But the employer already sent me money, so no need to withdraw crypto.
14/04/2021, 23:44 – Kenya lawyer: If you have the money in the bank that is good.
14/04/2021, 23:44 – Kenya lawyer: You can send for me on my PayPal when it’s ready

[email protected]
14/04/2021, 23:46 – Victor Porton: I told that I have been sent money to me but not yet received
14/04/2021, 23:46 – Kenya lawyer: When will you receive?
15/04/2021, 05:40 – Victor Porton: Generally, domestic bank wires are completed in three days, at most
15/04/2021, 09:28 – Kenya lawyer: This is the 3rd day I’m sure
15/04/2021, 09:28 – Kenya lawyer: Because they sent for you on Monday.
15/04/2021, 09:34 – Kenya lawyer: Is that so?
15/04/2021, 09:34 – Victor Porton: Yes, on Monday as I remember
15/04/2021, 09:35 – Kenya lawyer: Will it be ready today?
15/04/2021, 09:37 – Victor Porton: How can I know?
15/04/2021, 09:38 – Kenya lawyer: You said yourself the domestic bank wires are completed in three days and this is the 3rd day meaning it will be complete today.
15/04/2021, 09:38 – Kenya lawyer: Anyway let me just wait.
15/04/2021, 09:39 – Victor Porton: It is what internet says.
15/04/2021, 09:39 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
15/04/2021, 10:38 – Victor Porton: In an unknown reason PayPal doesn’t accept my credit card anymore. Apparently I will need to pay by bank.
15/04/2021, 10:42 – Kenya lawyer: Oooh too bad.
15/04/2021, 10:43 – Kenya lawyer: You can just pay by bank Sir. Thank you
15/04/2021, 10:59 – Kenya lawyer: Have you tried to sent and your credit card declined?
15/04/2021, 14:14 – Victor Porton: Paypal declined my credit card.
15/04/2021, 14:25 – Kenya lawyer: Any update?
15/04/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: So what will you do?
15/04/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: You pay by bank as you said.
15/04/2021, 14:26 – Victor Porton: Yes
15/04/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah try that then let me know
15/04/2021, 14:27 – Kenya lawyer: Are you doing it right now?
15/04/2021, 14:28 – Victor Porton: I didn’t received yet. Today is a holiday
15/04/2021, 16:55 – Kenya lawyer: So I should wait until tomorrow?
15/04/2021, 16:56 – Victor Porton: I think so.
15/04/2021, 16:56 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
16/04/2021, 09:37 – Kenya lawyer: Good Morning Victor?
16/04/2021, 09:38 – Kenya lawyer: Any update?
16/04/2021, 10:49 – Victor Porton: Good mornings, i didn’t received money yet.
16/04/2021, 11:12 – Kenya lawyer: Let me leave it at that.
16/04/2021, 11:16 – Kenya lawyer: This is just taking long, since I started the work I haven’t received any payment.
16/04/2021, 11:19 – Kenya lawyer: It’s like I’m working with no payment.
16/04/2021, 11:35 – Victor Porton: You agreed to receive in crypto before starting work and I did pay you. That’zs your blame. And I would already paid you (again!) if my computers didn’t break.
16/04/2021, 11:45 – Kenya lawyer: Ok. Thank you
16/04/2021, 11:46 – Kenya lawyer: I will keep waiting until when you receive the money and send for me through PayPal
16/04/2021, 11:46 – Victor Porton: I will send through bank.
16/04/2021, 11:47 – Kenya lawyer: When will that be?
16/04/2021, 11:48 – Victor Porton: Well, today and nextcday are holidays again. It’s delayed again. ? I think, I will received on Sunday.
16/04/2021, 11:48 – Kenya lawyer: Ok, I will wait on Sunday
16/04/2021, 21:15 – Victor Porton: Mercy learned to receive crypto. I can send crypto to mercy for her to sell it and give it
16/04/2021, 21:16 – Victor Porton: You. She found a woman in Kenya that buys crypto.
16/04/2021, 21:16 – Victor Porton: Or i can send again to you in crypto.
16/04/2021, 22:16 – Kenya lawyer: I will talk to her tomorrow
17/04/2021, 09:30 – Kenya lawyer: You can go ahead and send to Mercy
17/04/2021, 09:30 – Kenya lawyer: She can receive Crypto, so just send to her then she will sell it.
17/04/2021, 12:15 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send for her Sir?
17/04/2021, 12:16 – Victor Porton: Not yet. I am negotiating the price. Moreover, I am now reinstalling my OS.
17/04/2021, 12:16 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, but I guess you will send today?
17/04/2021, 12:20 – Kenya lawyer: You can just deduct the $9 transaction I lost last time then send $691
17/04/2021, 15:21 – Kenya lawyer: Any update?
17/04/2021, 15:23 – Victor Porton: I am reinstalling the OS. Can I ask crryptocurrency buyer to send kes directly to you, rather than to Mercy? Or is it illegal?
17/04/2021, 15:24 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
17/04/2021, 15:24 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah sure he can send direct to me
17/04/2021, 15:25 – Kenya lawyer: Sorry I got that wrong
17/04/2021, 15:25 – Kenya lawyer: You can give the buyer my number then he can send direct to me rather than Mercy.
17/04/2021, 15:31 – Kenya lawyer: Is that okay.
17/04/2021, 15:33 – Victor Porton: Remind your full name and the correct phone
17/04/2021, 15:33 – Kenya lawyer: 0721165586 – POLYCARP WAFULA TEMBA
17/04/2021, 15:34 – Kenya lawyer: Forward that to him
17/04/2021, 17:09 – Kenya lawyer: Any update Mr. Victor?
17/04/2021, 17:12 – Kenya lawyer: Have you sent to the buyer?
17/04/2021, 17:15 – Victor Porton: I told that I am reinstallin the OS.
17/04/2021, 17:15 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
17/04/2021, 17:15 – Kenya lawyer: How long does it take?
17/04/2021, 17:19 – Victor Porton: I think, I’ll contact the buyer today evening or next day. Btw, you just should have found this buyer yourself and sell them crypto that I sent you earlier.
17/04/2021, 17:19 – Kenya lawyer: I will do that next time Sir.
17/04/2021, 17:20 – Kenya lawyer: For now you can just sent for him then he will give me in Ksh.
17/04/2021, 20:18 – Kenya lawyer: Have you contacted the buyer or next day?
17/04/2021, 20:52 – Victor Porton: I have a new trouble. My new computer broke too. I am at a repairer. Most likely he will repair it today. Pray for this to happen.
17/04/2021, 20:52 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
17/04/2021, 20:53 – Victor Porton: IMG-20210417-WA0011.jpg (file attached)
For the case if you don’t believe me.
17/04/2021, 20:56 – Kenya lawyer: I believe you.
17/04/2021, 20:56 – Kenya lawyer: You can just finish the repair then send
18/04/2021, 09:35 – Kenya lawyer: Morning Victor?
18/04/2021, 11:17 – Victor Porton: Hi. I am still restoring my computer.
18/04/2021, 15:33 – Kenya lawyer: Any update, did you manage to restore your computer?
18/04/2021, 15:42 – Victor Porton: I worked all the night and created a working system. Now I need to sort the files, then I’ll send. Sorry I cannot do it this hour.
18/04/2021, 19:20 – Kenya lawyer: This day is gone again the week is done also. Not received any payment yet. Too bad for me.
18/04/2021, 19:20 – Kenya lawyer: Have you finished Sorting out the files?
18/04/2021, 22:27 – Kenya lawyer: Missed voice call
18/04/2021, 22:27 – Kenya lawyer: Hello…
18/04/2021, 23:12 – Victor Porton: Yes. I am now making Firefox browser work. As soon as I do, I can pay. Good news.
18/04/2021, 23:38 – Victor Porton: I proposed the buyer to receive the payments for you.
19/04/2021, 00:37 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 00:38 – Kenya lawyer: So have you sent for him?
19/04/2021, 00:38 – Victor Porton: I’ve asked how much to send?
19/04/2021, 00:38 – Kenya lawyer: $691
19/04/2021, 00:39 – Kenya lawyer: Instead of $700. You deduct the $9 I lost on Crypto last time.
19/04/2021, 00:40 – Kenya lawyer: So just send for him $691.
19/04/2021, 00:49 – Victor Porton: So, you borrow the exchange fee?
19/04/2021, 00:49 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
19/04/2021, 00:50 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send for him already?
19/04/2021, 00:53 – Kenya lawyer: You send me the screenshot after.
19/04/2021, 00:57 – Victor Porton: No, i am waiting for the final price.
19/04/2021, 00:58 – Kenya lawyer: How long will that take?
19/04/2021, 01:00 – Kenya lawyer: Or how much do you want to send, it seems I’m not getting you when you say you are waiting for the “final price “
19/04/2021, 01:00 – Victor Porton: Final price of the crypto buyer.
19/04/2021, 01:01 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 01:01 – Kenya lawyer: How much does he want?
19/04/2021, 01:01 – Kenya lawyer: Have you talked to him?
19/04/2021, 01:06 – Kenya lawyer: I just hope you send for me today. It seems I’m no t getting you well. Let me go to sleep now. Let me know after you send. Goodnight
19/04/2021, 01:07 – Victor Porton: I can send only after the buyer says the price. Apparently, she already sleeps.
19/04/2021, 01:08 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 08:12 – Kenya lawyer: Hey Victor, the buyer is now awake, you can now talk to him
19/04/2021, 10:28 – Kenya lawyer: Any update? Have you sent for him Sir?
19/04/2021, 10:45 – Victor Porton: I am going to send money in 30 minutes
19/04/2021, 10:51 – Kenya lawyer: Ok waiting.
19/04/2021, 11:30 – Kenya lawyer: I bet you’ve send now.
19/04/2021, 11:34 – Victor Porton: Yet a few seconds
19/04/2021, 11:34 – Kenya lawyer: Okay waiting
19/04/2021, 11:42 – Victor Porton: I’ve asked the buyer’s payment addfess.
19/04/2021, 11:42 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 11:43 – Kenya lawyer: Has he responded?
19/04/2021, 11:43 – Victor Porton: Inasked 10 sec wgo
19/04/2021, 11:52 – Kenya lawyer: Have you got the address?
19/04/2021, 11:54 – Victor Porton: I’ve sent.
19/04/2021, 11:54 – Kenya lawyer: Ok thank you
19/04/2021, 11:54 – Victor Porton: Now I’ll give her your phone and name
19/04/2021, 11:54 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 11:55 – Kenya lawyer: 0721165586 – Polycarp Temba
19/04/2021, 11:55 – Victor Porton: Done. I think, you will receive in a few minutes.
19/04/2021, 11:56 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
19/04/2021, 12:00 – Kenya lawyer: Give me the buyers number as well.
19/04/2021, 12:00 – Victor Porton: Okay…I’m sending Kes 73500
19/04/2021, 12:01 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
19/04/2021, 12:01 – Victor Porton: She sends from a bank.
19/04/2021, 12:01 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 12:02 – Victor Porton: I am installing zoom.
19/04/2021, 12:02 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
19/04/2021, 12:02 – Kenya lawyer: You can send me her phone number I talk to her.
19/04/2021, 12:03 – Kenya lawyer: She has send
19/04/2021, 12:03 – Kenya lawyer: I have already received. Thank you
19/04/2021, 12:04 – Victor Porton: You just sent KES 73500 to 254721165586 – Polycarp Wafula Temba via Loop. Loop Ref LOOP211094CWXT MPESA ref PDJ8ZDNQAG. Share your invite code with friends and family today and get them connected to the Loop to enjoy Free Loop to Loop transactions.
19/04/2021, 12:04 – Victor Porton: 0751925122
19/04/2021, 12:05 – Kenya lawyer: ??
19/04/2021, 19:44 – Victor Porton: So, what about a zoom meeting? And how do I present to the court?
19/04/2021, 20:59 – Kenya lawyer: I will guide you through tomorrow
19/04/2021, 21:52 – Victor Porton: I am going to a dentist. It’s possible I will have a tooth removed
19/04/2021, 22:19 – Kenya lawyer: Oooh sorry for that
20/04/2021, 00:23 – Victor Porton: It’s not removed
20/04/2021, 09:46 – Kenya lawyer: You must behave in an orderly and respectful manner when you are in the courtroom. You also need to maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour and dress. You should wait in the public seating area located in the back of the courtroom until your matter is called.

In the courtroom in Kenya, the following rules of etiquette should be maintained:

1.Turn of all mobile and electronic devices
2.Do not speak unless instructed by the judicial officer
3.Do not eat, drink or smoke
4.Do not record or publish any of the proceeding, including by posting details on social media.

The judicial officer sits at the front facing the rest of the courtroom and manages the proceedings. Everyone in the courtroom must behave respectfully towards the judicial officer by:

*Addressing them as ‘Your Honour’
*Bowing their head at the judicial officer when entering or exiting the courtroom
*Standing silently whenever the judicial officer enters or exits the courtroom
*Standing any time the judicial officer speaks to them
*Listening to and following any instructions given by the judicial officer.

If you have a Lawyer, he will be in charge of all the proceedings and he will act on your behalf. Your lawyer will fully represent you, speak on your behalf and you will only talk when asked to, when you have a question to ask, and if you’ve been asked a question.
20/04/2021, 17:00 – Victor Porton: Ok, but I can’t stand speaking, y. Video camera is not this kind. Obviously, I can’t turn off the electronics device.
20/04/2021, 17:23 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah because we shall be on Zoom that does not apply.
20/04/2021, 17:26 – Kenya lawyer: By the way I have now learnt how to use Crypto and in would wish you to guide me through and teach me how to invest in Crypto and also we can start an academy here in Kenya where we can teach people about Crypto to popularise it, at a fee of course. They pay us as we introduce them to Crypto.
20/04/2021, 17:27 – Victor Porton: Good idea. Not today.
20/04/2021, 17:27 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah not today
20/04/2021, 17:28 – Victor Porton: Btw, there are more cheapb crypto payments, maybe cheaper than energy spent to get out a wallet from a pocket and count paper money.
20/04/2021, 17:29 – Victor Porton: And ethereum will become much cheaper probably this year.
20/04/2021, 17:29 – Kenya lawyer: I just discovered that as well. I have been reading and learning about that.
20/04/2021, 17:30 – Kenya lawyer: It’s a great platform though not popular here in Kenya
20/04/2021, 17:30 – Victor Porton: I am a quite serious expert. Let me rest. Do we speak by zoo. Before court? Don’t forget to send me court meeting link.
20/04/2021, 17:31 – Victor Porton: I have a headache.
20/04/2021, 17:31 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
I will call you before the meeting starts.
20/04/2021, 17:31 – Kenya lawyer: Okay you get some rest
21/04/2021, 07:38 – Kenya lawyer: Good Morning Victor. Today’s Court session will not go on as scheduled. Victoria has written a letter claiming she’s sick and in hospital. We are trying to find out if it’s true or she’s telling lies. The new date for the case will be updated.
21/04/2021, 07:40 – Kenya lawyer: So today I will be processing the divorce documents.
21/04/2021, 07:55 – Kenya lawyer: (file attached)
21/04/2021, 07:56 – Kenya lawyer: This is the divorce application form.
21/04/2021, 11:14 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor?
21/04/2021, 11:34 – Victor Porton: Hello. My computer is busy.
21/04/2021, 11:35 – Kenya lawyer: What are you doing?
21/04/2021, 11:36 – Victor Porton: I’ve bought a colour for my printer. I am waiting for my computer.
21/04/2021, 11:36 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
21/04/2021, 11:37 – Kenya lawyer: Have you seen the divorce documents I have send?
21/04/2021, 11:38 – Victor Porton: No, I’ve opened this document a minute ago. Where to file?
21/04/2021, 11:39 – Victor Porton: How can I fill all this? I have no idea what happens with Victoria.
21/04/2021, 11:40 – Kenya lawyer: Okay,
I will just fill in the documents for you. I have the marriage certificate and your passport
21/04/2021, 11:40 – Victor Porton: I hope she can’t claim my property?
21/04/2021, 11:40 – Kenya lawyer: No she can’t claim anything from you.
21/04/2021, 11:40 – Victor Porton: Thanks. I will rest. I walked much.
21/04/2021, 11:40 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
21/04/2021, 11:41 – Kenya lawyer: I will talk to you later about Crypto
21/04/2021, 11:41 – Kenya lawyer: I want to do something with you.
21/04/2021, 11:41 – Victor Porton: Ok. But near days I don’t have much time.
21/04/2021, 11:42 – Kenya lawyer: I want you to send for me $1000 on Crypto then I send back with a profit of $500 after 3 days.
21/04/2021, 11:43 – Kenya lawyer: So you get a 50% profit for investing in me.
21/04/2021, 17:27 – Kenya lawyer: Hello my Boss?
21/04/2021, 18:55 – Victor Porton: How do you profit?
21/04/2021, 19:20 – Kenya lawyer: I also sale here in Kenya
21/04/2021, 19:22 – Kenya lawyer: This is a sure bet for me, I have more than 10 friends who want to be introduced to Crypto and start trading.
21/04/2021, 19:25 – Kenya lawyer: Cryptocurrency trading involves speculating on price movements via a CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. This is what I want to start doing.
21/04/2021, 19:26 – Kenya lawyer: And I need a loan from you and pay back with a 50% profit. If you give me $2000 I give you back $3000
21/04/2021, 19:26 – Victor Porton: I never tried trading. I am almost sure I would be a bad trader.
21/04/2021, 19:27 – Kenya lawyer: With me I’m good with that
21/04/2021, 19:27 – Kenya lawyer: You give me a chance and see the outcome
21/04/2021, 19:27 – Victor Porton: I invested into a free automatic trader.
21/04/2021, 19:27 – Victor Porton: How do you know?
21/04/2021, 19:28 – Kenya lawyer: I have done that once here in Kenya and stopped for a while to study law
21/04/2021, 19:28 – Kenya lawyer: Though not with Crypto
21/04/2021, 19:28 – Kenya lawyer: And Yes I was doing well.
21/04/2021, 19:29 – Victor Porton: You can win a trade ONLY if you are a genius, most others are idiots, or you know a secret.
21/04/2021, 19:30 – Kenya lawyer: I have a secret and I have been reading and doing a research on this
21/04/2021, 19:30 – Victor Porton: There is a math theorem whose essence is: who has the skill to trade well, can solve ANY mathematical question. Are you on Perelman level?
21/04/2021, 19:31 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
21/04/2021, 19:32 – Victor Porton: I am above Perelman level in some skills. But I don’t even think to trade.
21/04/2021, 19:33 – Kenya lawyer: I have a secret to that, you try me and see. I will prove for you.
21/04/2021, 19:33 – Victor Porton: How quickly do you need the money?
21/04/2021, 19:34 – Kenya lawyer: If possible now, I need to start right away.
21/04/2021, 19:34 – Kenya lawyer: The market is favouring
21/04/2021, 19:35 – Victor Porton: 50 percent calculated in which currentcy?
21/04/2021, 19:35 – Kenya lawyer: USD
21/04/2021, 19:35 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
21/04/2021, 19:35 – Kenya lawyer: That’s my Crypto address
21/04/2021, 19:36 – Victor Porton: I have much profit with my trading robot. You promise only a little more and I do know the robot worked well in the past.
21/04/2021, 19:36 – Victor Porton: 50 percent to me during which period?
21/04/2021, 19:37 – Kenya lawyer: If you send for me today $2000 then I you get $3000 by Sunday.
21/04/2021, 19:38 – Victor Porton: That looks impossible
21/04/2021, 19:38 – Kenya lawyer: Very possible for me.
21/04/2021, 19:38 – Kenya lawyer: You try me and see the outcome.
21/04/2021, 19:38 – Victor Porton: If I send 500?
21/04/2021, 19:39 – Kenya lawyer: I want to start with at least $1000
21/04/2021, 19:40 – Kenya lawyer: Cab you send $1000?
21/04/2021, 19:40 – Victor Porton: I’m thinking.
21/04/2021, 19:40 – Kenya lawyer: Ok.
21/04/2021, 19:40 – Kenya lawyer: But this is a sure bet trust me.
21/04/2021, 19:41 – Kenya lawyer: You send for me now and you make a profit and we both benefit from it.

21/04/2021, 19:42 – Victor Porton: Which kind of secret do you know?
21/04/2021, 19:43 – Victor Porton: I won’t send.
21/04/2021, 19:43 – Kenya lawyer: That’s why it’s called a secret. I will tell you after my first trading.
21/04/2021, 19:43 – Kenya lawyer: Why?
21/04/2021, 19:44 – Kenya lawyer: Anyway it’s fine. No problem.
21/04/2021, 19:44 – Kenya lawyer: Though I don’t know why you can’t trust me?
21/04/2021, 19:45 – Kenya lawyer: Okay you can send $500 then.
21/04/2021, 19:45 – Victor Porton: Friend’s advice.
21/04/2021, 19:46 – Kenya lawyer: Mercy I guess?
21/04/2021, 19:46 – Victor Porton: Yes.
21/04/2021, 19:47 – Kenya lawyer: Ol
21/04/2021, 19:47 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
21/04/2021, 19:55 – Victor Porton: Having a math question like Fermat theorem, a trade can be created such a way that if you won the trade, a computer can easily prove the theorem by looking at the way you traded.
21/04/2021, 19:57 – Kenya lawyer: I know that
21/04/2021, 19:57 – Victor Porton: Where did you read?
21/04/2021, 19:58 – Kenya lawyer: Internet
21/04/2021, 20:00 – Kenya lawyer: There’s one professor who solved that and won a proze
21/04/2021, 20:00 – Kenya lawyer: *prize
21/04/2021, 20:01 – Victor Porton: I read (well, very quickly skimmed) that math article recently. I didn’t know about the prize.
21/04/2021, 20:01 – Kenya lawyer: It was impossible to do that with any number raised to a greater power than 2. Put differently, the formula [xn + yn = zn] has no whole number solution when n is greater than 2.
21/04/2021, 20:02 – Kenya lawyer: He won the Abel Prize.
21/04/2021, 20:02 – Victor Porton: Everybody knows Fermat great theorem. But I am not about this but about the fact that trades can solve any math questions
21/04/2021, 20:03 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah true
21/04/2021, 20:04 – Kenya lawyer: So a Woman is making you not to trust me I’m sure she knows little about this.
21/04/2021, 20:05 – Kenya lawyer: I wish you could put her aside of this topic and we do the trading here as men
21/04/2021, 20:05 – Victor Porton: I need to work
21/04/2021, 20:05 – Kenya lawyer: She can get involved when it comes to the issue of NGO and other things, but with trading we can deal just me and you.
21/04/2021, 20:06 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
21/04/2021, 21:49 – Kenya lawyer: Goodnight Victor my boss. Though will still talk more about trading on Crypto tomorrow. I need your help in that. Bye
21/04/2021, 21:50 – Kenya lawyer: Mercy has approved me in that you can ask her.
22/04/2021, 11:56 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor?
22/04/2021, 12:11 – Kenya lawyer: How are you doing today Sir?
22/04/2021, 12:25 – Victor Porton: I’m fine.
22/04/2021, 12:26 – Kenya lawyer: Great,
Any update about our Crypto deal?
22/04/2021, 12:27 – Kenya lawyer: I have explained to Mercy how everything and she’s good now. You can ask her to be sure.
22/04/2021, 14:12 – Kenya lawyer: I guess your busy?
22/04/2021, 14:13 – Victor Porton: Yes.
22/04/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: Okay let’s catch up later
22/04/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: But I will really appreciate if you can help me in that.
22/04/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: I just need $2000 and you get a profit of 50%
22/04/2021, 18:23 – Victor Porton: Mercy said you want to settle the Victoria’s case outside tge court, why?
22/04/2021, 18:52 – Kenya lawyer: Hey Victor?
22/04/2021, 18:53 – Kenya lawyer: No I don’t want to settle it out of Court. I just asked for her opinion
22/04/2021, 18:54 – Kenya lawyer: But of course you said we should continue with the case. Because you are my boss I will do as you wish
22/04/2021, 19:52 – Kenya lawyer: I guess that’s what you wanted, we go on with the prosecution
22/04/2021, 21:18 – Kenya lawyer: Hey What’s up Boss?
22/04/2021, 22:02 – Victor Porton: We continue, but I may decide to cancel prosecution later.
22/04/2021, 22:03 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
22/04/2021, 22:03 – Kenya lawyer: And what about the other deal of Crypto?
22/04/2021, 22:03 – Victor Porton: No.
22/04/2021, 22:03 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
22/04/2021, 22:03 – Kenya lawyer: Thank you
22/04/2021, 22:05 – Kenya lawyer: Whom would you wish to be your personal representative here in Kenya
22/04/2021, 22:05 – Victor Porton: I thought it’s you.
22/04/2021, 22:05 – Kenya lawyer: In case of any issue he/she would be contacted by the Kenyan Government and gets back to you
22/04/2021, 22:06 – Kenya lawyer: I’m your legal representative
22/04/2021, 22:06 – Kenya lawyer: I mean in other matters..
22/04/2021, 22:06 – Victor Porton: Mercy, apparently. I know only Victoria, Mercy, and you.
22/04/2021, 22:07 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
22/04/2021, 22:07 – Victor Porton: Why do I need a personal representative?
22/04/2021, 22:08 – Kenya lawyer: That’s a government requirement. If your not in Kenya and you have your affairs being run in the country
22/04/2021, 22:09 – Victor Porton: So, Mercy. Or you can be this?
22/04/2021, 22:09 – Kenya lawyer: That’s the person who can be easily contacted on your behalf, in case of anything
22/04/2021, 22:09 – Kenya lawyer: I will put in the name of Mercy
22/04/2021, 22:09 – Victor Porton: Ok
22/04/2021, 22:10 – Kenya lawyer: Bye
22/04/2021, 22:10 – Victor Porton: Bye.
22/04/2021, 22:10 – Kenya lawyer: Though it’s unfortunate you’ve refused to help me through Crypto ?
22/04/2021, 22:10 – Kenya lawyer: But it’s okay.
23/04/2021, 10:57 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Boss
23/04/2021, 10:57 – Victor Porton: Hi
23/04/2021, 10:58 – Kenya lawyer: We have received a letter from Victoria. She threatens to also sue you at the Israel Embassy in Kenya and at the Court
23/04/2021, 11:53 – Victor Porton: Her claim that I cheated her about my health is irreasonable: she claims that I lied to her that I am not mad is false in two reasons: first I did tell her that I was taking psychotropic pills assigned by doctors and the opinion of my parents, so I gave her all the available information, if she misunderstood, it’s her mind failure, not my cheating, second she assumes that a mad person should think he is mad. That assumption is as silly as a flat Earth, therefore in my opinion, she herself should be considered insane. Are Kenyan judges as insane as this Kenyan journalist to take her argument seriously? Another her threat may be that I shouted at her, threw her teddy bear, and called her Hitler and a prostitute. I should be considered insane while doing this: I traversed half of the Earth only to find out that my wife is an insane pathological liar, Hitler to pre
23/04/2021, 11:54 – Victor Porton: Hitler that prefers to rest 20 minutes rather than do a simple thinf
23/04/2021, 11:55 – Victor Porton: Thing to safe a critical climate project from emerging failure,
23/04/2021, 11:59 – Victor Porton: She is not a wife be because by the Bible wife is worth rubies. 50 kg of rubies would cost probably trillions of dollars and this would be her cost if she didn’t lie that she will participate in my scientific and antiwarming projects. But because her cost is less (namely negative as she is a fraudster), accordingly the Bible she is not a wife and moreover I paid her for sex. So, by definition she is a prostitute. I just told a fact.
23/04/2021, 11:59 – Victor Porton: Does she really present any real legal danger for me?
23/04/2021, 12:00 – Victor Porton: Moreover she threatened me to pat her for not prosecuting me for this nonsensical blame. Isn’t she an illegal threatener?
23/04/2021, 12:18 – Victor Porton: Also, she “seized” her teddybear as an excuse for refusing to serve God. That looks like a specifically invented anti-Christian idolatry.mthat given this she considers herself a Christian makes her legally insane and me too because I was shocked that I married a hardcore hypocrite.
23/04/2021, 12:20 – Victor Porton: And I told that she refused to take any measures to be accepted by Israel embassy as my wife. That’s insane because marrying without being able to enter Israel was not reasonable.
23/04 /2021, 12:26 – Victor Porton: Oh, I forgot that she was going to persecute me for yet a other thing, that I *wanted* to kill her. ?
23/04/2021, 12:27 – Kenya lawyer: I get everything your telling me Boss. All this things is what she is planning to sue you against
23/04/2021, 12:28 – Kenya lawyer: But good news, I have met the judge today and talked to him about your case with Victoria
23/04/2021, 12:28 – Kenya lawyer: And the judge has promised to rule her case out in your favour but on one condition.
23/04/2021, 12:29 – Victor Porton: I think yes, nothing more (unless she made up more false blames). Also, I shouted at her and she wants me to be jailed for not paying for a thing she did for me for free (with the purpose to deceive me that shecwill help me for free.)
23/04/2021, 12:30 – Kenya lawyer: You know in Kenya many people still work on bribes, if we can pay the judge then her case against you will be dismissed and immediately and she will be sent to jail
23/04/2021, 12:30 – Kenya lawyer: And she will compensate you fully.
23/04/2021, 12:30 – Victor Porton: How much?
23/04/2021, 12:31 – Kenya lawyer: So it’s up to you. If you agree we get something for the judge to through her case out immediately and put her in jail.
23/04/2021, 12:31 – Kenya lawyer: $1200
23/04/2021, 12:31 – Victor Porton: And if not?
23/04/2021, 12:32 – Kenya lawyer: If not she might bring a lot of trouble and even ruin your reputation.
23/04/2021, 12:32 – Victor Porton: Could you instead get money and a signature that she won’t persecute me without the court?
23/04/2021, 12:33 – Kenya lawyer: And the kenyan government might burn you from this country and the NGO might not be given a go forward to operate in Kenya.
23/04/2021, 12:33 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah we can do that.
23/04/2021, 12:34 – Victor Porton: Please do.
23/04/2021, 12:34 – Kenya lawyer: Will you send the money?
23/04/2021, 12:35 – Kenya lawyer: Let’s just get $1200 for the judge so that we can get rid of everything
23/04/2021, 12:36 – Kenya lawyer: When her case against you is dismissed then we can prosecute her and she will have to compensate you.
23/04/2021, 12:36 – Victor Porton: No, I want to settle outside the court.
23/04/2021, 12:36 – Kenya lawyer: Also good, we can do that as well.
23/04/2021, 12:36 – Kenya lawyer: But we also need money to do that.
23/04/2021, 12:37 – Kenya lawyer: I can make arrangements for this, I talk to her lawyer we pursue her to settle the matter out of court.
23/04/2021, 12:37 – Victor Porton: Ok.
23/04/2021, 12:37 – Kenya lawyer: And we need to so this very fast.
23/04/2021, 12:38 – Victor Porton: Yes.
23/04/2021, 12:38 – Kenya lawyer: So you have to send $1000 for settling this matter out of court through Intermediaries
23/04/2021, 12:39 – Victor Porton: I can’t send quickly. How much compensation will I get?
23/04/2021, 12:39 – Kenya lawyer: You will get not less than $5000
23/04/2021, 12:40 – Kenya lawyer: You can send through my Crypto address.
23/04/2021, 12:40 – Kenya lawyer: I now know how to use Crypto so no need to send through Paypal.
23/04/2021, 12:41 – Kenya lawyer: You have to try and make it quick, so that we can solve it fast.
23/04/2021, 12:42 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
23/04/2021, 12:42 – Kenya lawyer: That’s my address. Kindly send there.
23/04/2021, 12:43 – Victor Porton: Ok, I’m sending.
23/04/2021, 12:51 – Victor Porton: I’ve initiated the transaction.
23/04/2021, 12:56 – Kenya lawyer: Okay thank you
23/04/2021, 12:56 – Kenya lawyer: Let me work out on it now
23/04/2021, 12:57 – Kenya lawyer: I can’t see the transaction yet
23/04/2021, 12:58 – Kenya lawyer: IMG-20210423-WA0000.jpg (file attached)
23/04/2021, 12:59 – Kenya lawyer: Which address have you initiated the money on?
23/04/2021, 12:59 – Victor Porton: It was pending. Now you have received.
23/04/2021, 12:59 – Kenya lawyer: Let me check again.
23/04/2021, 12:59 – Victor Porton: It is not easy for me to copy&paste the address.
23/04/2021, 13:00 – Kenya lawyer: Got it
23/04/2021, 13:00 – Kenya lawyer: Thanks
23/04/2021, 13:00 – Victor Porton: site shows all transactions, even pending ones.
24/04/2021, 21:25 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor.
Good news, we’ve managed and tried out best to sort out this issue with Victoria. You are going to be compensated by the Kenyan Government a total of $20,000. And on the other side the government has also asked you to pay Victoria $300 for the three years that the marriage certificate between you and her has been on. Reason being she hasn’t been able to get married again neither was she receiving any support from the husband. The government assumes that you’ve been married for 3 years since 2019 and therefore you have to pay her $3000 before your compensation of $20,000 is remitted to you through Mercy as she is your personal representative here in Kenya. Otherwise the divorce process is on and it will be done by Monday. That’s the update.
25/04/2021, 01:06 – Victor Porton: I want to see the documents.
25/04/2021, 01:57 – Kenya lawyer: Which documents?
25/04/2021, 03:25 – Kenya lawyer: THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA.docx (file attached)
25/04/2021, 03:27 – Kenya lawyer: That’s the letter from the government, we received. You should work fast and send the money for Victoria so that your compensation is also done.
25/04/2021, 10:31 – Kenya lawyer: What do you have to say about that Boss?
25/04/2021, 10:33 – Kenya lawyer: Hello?
25/04/2021, 10:43 – Victor Porton: Wait, please.
25/04/2021, 10:44 – Kenya lawyer: Ok, I need your update by the end of today. So that we can go process your compensation
25/04/2021, 12:12 – Victor Porton: How much time for Victoria will take to pay $20000?
25/04/2021, 12:13 – Kenya lawyer: it’s the government paying, so it will take less than 2 weeks.
25/04/2021, 12:13 – Kenya lawyer: Or even probably by the end of next week you will have been compensated.
25/04/2021, 12:14 – Victor Porton: It is weird that the government want money first. That’s usually what fraudsters do.
25/04/2021, 12:14 – Kenya lawyer: Not really, I can explained to you very well
25/04/2021, 12:15 – Kenya lawyer: Victoria works with to government and now that she can’t get that amount at the moment the government will pay for her in essence of loaning her
25/04/2021, 12:17 – Kenya lawyer: The government is sort of giving her a loan to pay you, then she will there after be deducted her monthly salary until she is done with the loan.
25/04/2021, 12:17 – Victor Porton: But why should I pay 3000 in advance?
25/04/2021, 12:19 – Kenya lawyer: That’s what the government has proposed, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
25/04/2021, 12:22 – Kenya lawyer: Victor I know you have trust issue here, your compensation is a sure bet. And you also have to compensate Victoria as well by today. The reason you have been asked to pay her is for the 3 years of wasted marriage. And Mercy will be here to sign the money on your behalf. In short Mercy your girlfriend is the one who will be remitted the cash to simple.
25/04/2021, 12:23 – Victor Porton: So how donI transfer money?
25/04/2021, 12:23 – Kenya lawyer: Through Crypto.
25/04/2021, 12:24 – Victor Porton: To Mercy?
25/04/2021, 12:24 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
25/04/2021, 12:24 – Kenya lawyer: To that address.
25/04/2021, 12:24 – Victor Porton: How can Mercy sign if I transfer to you?
25/04/2021, 12:25 – Kenya lawyer: Mercy will sign your compensation transfer from the Kenyan government
25/04/2021, 12:26 – Kenya lawyer: She has already submitted her documents to the government and transfer process will Start tomorrow
25/04/2021, 12:28 – Kenya lawyer: The money you are sending I will present it to Victoria and we shall draft an agreement in presence of government official who will witness that you have compensated Victoria and there after go forward and start processing your compensation as well
25/0 4/2021, 12:29 – Kenya lawyer: We are following the law here Victor. No one wants to fraud you. We are helping you get your compensation simple, and your Girl Mercy is also involved so no need to worry.
25/04/2021, 12:30 – Kenya lawyer: Just send the Money we pay Victoria and then we start the process of Remitting your $20000 through Mercy.
25/04/2021, 12:31 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
25/04/2021, 12:31 – Kenya lawyer: That’s the address.
25/04/2021, 12:32 – Victor Porton: I can’t legally send money to Victoria because she is insane: she believes in lawyers, a nonexistent thing. Bye.
25/04/2021, 12:33 – Kenya lawyer: Okay then. I won’t force you to do this.
25/04/2021, 12:34 – Kenya lawyer: And that means you will not be compensated the $20000 from the government for failure to follow the law and you might risk conducting any matter in Kenya for your own information.
25/04/2021, 12:35 – Kenya lawyer: It was nice working for you and I wish you all the best.
25/04/2021, 12:39 – Kenya lawyer: Your assumption might cause you more than you can think of Victor. Im just advising you as a lawyer. Just follow the processes put in place and nothing wrong will happen.
25/04/2021, 12:40 – Kenya lawyer: I know how you feel about Victoria, but first consider the out come of breaching the law by failing to adhere to the government process.
25/04/2021, 12:43 – Victor Porton: I even don’t see any signature on your “government document”.
25/04/2021, 12:44 – Kenya lawyer: It was send through Email Victor. I really dont know why you are doubting this process but if you think it’s a fraud then I will leave it at that.
25/04/2021, 12:47 – Kenya lawyer: I barely work with clients who doubt our work Victor. I have worked for many people and its so unfortunate you doubt me today. Your Girlfriend Mercy know me, and I see no reason to doubt me unless Mercy is also part of the fraud
25/04/2021, 12:50 – Kenya lawyer: I bet you prefer not to pay Victoria $3000 and at the same time loose $20,000. As a mathematician. Is that logic?
25/04/2021, 12:52 – Victor Porton: Ok, i will pay but not to you but to that ether buyer. I will attach a message to the payment and publish our correspondence (I can do in ciphered form). Ok?
25/04/2021, 12:53 – Kenya lawyer: It’s okay.
25/04/2021, 12:53 – Victor Porton: So, I am doing.
25/04/2021, 12:53 – Kenya lawyer: If you doubt me then send to the buyer.
25/04/2021, 12:54 – Kenya lawyer: Or you can send to Mercy
25/04/2021, 12:56 – Kenya lawyer: Get the address of Mercy, send to her and attach wherever you wish
25/04/2021, 12:58 – Victor Porton: Should I ciper our correspondence?
25/04/2021, 12:59 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah do that for future reference
25/04/2021, 12:59 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
25/04/2021, 12:59 – Kenya lawyer: Send there
25/04/2021, 13:02 – Victor Porton: I want your signed scanned document confirming that the government document is real
25/04/2021, 13:08 – Kenya lawyer: Today is Sunday, how do you expect me to do that. I’m not in the office.
25/04/2021, 13:09 – Kenya lawyer: I can do that for you tomorrow if you want
25/04/2021, 13:09 – Victor Porton: Sign by a pencil.
25/04/2021, 13:10 – Kenya lawyer: Do you want my sign or what do you want?
25/04/2021, 13:10 – Victor Porton: Yes, I want your signatures on that documents
25/04/2021, 13:11 – Kenya lawyer: And that’s why I’m saying I will do that tomorrow
25/04/2021, 13:11 – Kenya lawyer: The documents are in the office
25/04/2021, 13:12 – Kenya lawyer: I will send to you tomorrow the first thing in the Morning.
25/04/2021, 13:13 – Victor Porton: Use this app to sign now using your phone:
25/04/2021, 13:14 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
25/04/2021, 13:14 – Victor Porton: And your full name
25/04/2021, 13:17 – Victor Porton: Also attach your ID card
25/04/2021, 13:30 – Kenya lawyer: CASE FILE FOR MR. VICTOR PORTON-1.pdf (file attached)
25/04/2021, 13:31 – Kenya lawyer: CASE FILE FOR MR. VICTOR PORTON-2.pdf (file attached)
25/04/2021, 13:33 – Victor Porton: I meant your signature over the government documents
25/04/2021, 13:36 – Kenya lawyer: THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA(1).pdf (file attached)
25/04/2021, 13:36 – Kenya lawyer: THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA(1)-1.pdf (file attached)
25/04/2021, 13:38 – Kenya lawyer: Are you okay now?
25/04/2021, 13:39 – Victor Porton: Yes, I’m going to send soon
25/04/2021, 13:39 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
25/04/2021, 13:39 – Kenya lawyer: 0x6498B884E41Ba92CFd3F24839A5545ad9A5Bc14A
25/04/2021, 14:12 – Kenya lawyer: Any update?
25/04/2021, 14:13 – Victor Porton: I am in process of transferring.
25/04/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
25/04/2021, 14:22 – Victor Porton: I’ve initiated the transaction. To transaction is attachedva cryptographic signature referring to our agreement.
25/04/2021, 14:31 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
25/04/2021, 14:32 – Kenya lawyer: Not yet received
25/04/2021, 14:33 – Victor Porton: The buyer is in a road.
25/04/2021, 14:35 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
26/04/2021, 11:33 – Victor Porton: How is it going?
26/04/2021, 13:16 – Kenya lawyer: We have submitted the Compensation documents to the government today so the process is on.
28/04/2021, 19:33 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Sir, I hope your well. Your compensation is going on and we expect by the end of next week all will be done.
03/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor?
03/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: When did you last write to Victoria, and did you ever threaten her, abuse her or tell her any offensive words?
03/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: We have a serious situation at hand here, Victoria is dead!, she just committed suicide last night.
03/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: She left a message to her mum, stating that she has no reason to be in this world, she has been abused, threatened and harassed. Now Directors of Criminal Investigation want to find out the reason she committed suicide and what has really been going on.
03/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: We have another case to settle here, now we are being accused of causing Victoria’s death. Your Personal Representative who is Mercy might be called and Questioned by by DCI any time.
03/05/2021, 09:39 – Victor Porton: I already told you everything about my words to her and that I threw a teddy bear.
03/05/2021, 09:39 – Victor Porton: I didn’t speak with her recently
03/05/2021, 10:07 – Victor Porton: Has she already taken the loan?
03/05/2021, 10:10 – Kenya lawyer: Yes, she has already signed the loan paper’s. We were waiting for Government approval.
03/05/2021, 10:11 – Victor Porton: So, I will receive 20000?
03/05/2021, 10:12 – Kenya lawyer: Victor, we have an issue at hand and someone is dead. Let’s wait and see what the government has to say about the current issue at hand.
03/05/2021, 20:50 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Boss we are just hoping for the best. I have confirmed Victoria is dead, and I’m also planning with Mercy to also confirm the same. I want to make arrangements with Mercy so that she can attend the burial
03/05/2021, 20:51 – Kenya lawyer: One thing you should know is that, she has already signed the compensation documents before her death. And we presented the documents already just waiting for the government response
04/05/2021, 11:06 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Boss
04/05/2021, 12:07 – Kenya lawyer: How are you doing today?
04/05/2021, 12:11 – Kenya lawyer: Are you busy?
04/05/2021, 14:58 – Victor Porton: I’m sick.
04/05/2021, 15:49 – Victor Porton: I have a legal question: suppose I earn money in a legal way, but nobody should know how I do it. What to do, if I a tax inspector asks me how I do this? A possible solution: deliver this business to Mercy after requiring her to sign a non-disclosure agreement with me. So?
04/05/2021, 16:08 – Kenya lawyer: Good Ques tion.

  1. If you earn your money legally and you pay your tax and adhere to all government regulations then you won’t have any problem at all.
    04/05/2021, 16:10 – Kenya lawyer: But it also depends with the amount of money you are making. Too much income might cause some suspicions with the tax inspector,
    04/05/2021, 16:10 – Victor Porton: Are there any regulations about mining crypto?
    04/05/2021, 16:12 – Victor Porton: Am I obliged to tell about purchases of business equipment?
    04/05/2021, 16:12 – Kenya lawyer: In Kenya the main regulations with Crypto from the Kenya Revenue Authority is if one is Mining Crypto then you should make sure you submit your Monthly income to the tax authority and also be in terms with paying all your taxes.
    04/05/2021, 16:13 – Victor Porton: It’s liberal enough
    04/05/2021, 16:13 – Kenya lawyer: For your information business like Crypto are much encouraged in Kenya at the moment and even the government is willing to support such entrepreneurs. Yes it is legal enough
    04/05/2021, 16:14 – Kenya lawyer: I wanted to that with you sometime back we start Mining Crypto here in Kenya, a partnership between me you and Mercy
    04/05/2021, 16:15 – Victor Porton: How can I make nobody even tax inspectors being able to request about what is and where located my mining equipment?
    04/05/2021, 16:17 – Kenya lawyer: I said the tax inspectors only require you to file your return’s and pay tax. They really don’t follow up on where you are located or the equipments
    04/05/2021, 16:17 – Victor Porton: But if I earn very much?
    04/05/2021, 16:18 – Victor Porton: Suppose for a thought experiment, a flying saucer comes to me and gives me a military technology. What is the legal way to to with it?
    04/05/2021, 16:19 – Kenya lawyer: You will be required to apply to a Certificate of High Earned Income Business in which you wont be questioned if you even earn much. You cab earn much and pay your tax as you adhere to all the rules.
    04/05/2021, 16:20 – Victor Porton: But you said before that I may be questioned if I earn much.
    04/05/2021, 16:20 – Victor Porton: How to get it? What are the requirements?
    04/05/2021, 16:21 – Kenya lawyer: The government can end up partnering with you and you might be given a contract to work for the government. When it comes to military technology the government will work with you and support you as well.
    04/05/2021, 16:21 – Kenya lawyer: That is if you haven’t got the certificate
    04/05/2021, 16:23 – Victor Porton: So?
    04/05/2021, 16:24 – Kenya lawyer: You will have to make an application at the Kenya Revenue Authority through your lawyer, and submit the following.
    04/05/2021, 16:24 – Victor Porton: So, it’s a certificate for professional criminals? 🙂
    04/05/2021, 16:25 – Kenya lawyer: In Kenya we describe it as Certificate of Professional Technicians. We avoid the term Criminal
    04/05/2021, 16:26 – Victor Porton: But in fact it is intended to be a certificate for criminals, isn’t it?
    04/05/2021, 16:26 – Kenya lawyer: Yes.
    04/05/2021, 16:26 – Kenya lawyer: But recognized by the government
    04/05/2021, 16:27 – Kenya lawyer: So you wont have any problem with that
    04/05/2021, 16:27 – Victor Porton: If e revolution happens and a noncriminal government comes, will I have a trouble?
    04/05/2021, 16:28 – Kenya lawyer: Not at all, you will have Certification from the government. So you wont have any trouble
    04/05/2021, 16:28 – Victor Porton: Thanks. Bye.
    04/05/2021, 16:28 – Kenya lawyer: One thing before you go.
    04/05/2021, 16:28 – Kenya lawyer: Any payment for me for the work I’m doing.?/
    04/05/2021, 16:29 – Kenya lawyer: You compensation is still on,
    04/05/2021, 16:29 – Victor Porton: I paid already! What do you speak about?
    04/05/2021, 16:29 – Kenya lawyer: That was for the start Boss
    04/05/2021, 16:29 – Victor Porton: You didn’t mention any additional expenses
    04/05/2021, 16:30 – Kenya lawyer: And we now have Lot’s of things I’m dealing with.
    04/05/2021, 16:30 – Victor Porton: It’s your part, not mine.
    04/05/2021, 16:30 – Kenya lawyer: I need some more Payment still.
    04/05/2021, 16:30 – Victor Porton: So?
    04/05/2021, 16:30 – Kenya lawyer: I know it’s my part and I’m playing my role well
    04/05/2021, 16:31 – Kenya lawyer: I need some $500
    04/05/2021, 16:31 – Victor Porton: Why?
    04/05/2021, 16:31 – Kenya lawyer: For the work I’m doing.
    04/05/2021, 16:31 – Victor Porton: Do you have additional expenses?
    04/05/2021, 16:31 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
    04/05/2021, 16:32 – Victor Porton: I need several days to send you. No more additional payments?
    04/05/2021, 16:32 – Kenya lawyer: How may day’s again.?
    04/05/2021, 16:33 – Victor Porton: I don’t have on my account
    04/05/2021, 16:33 – Kenya lawyer: You can send through crypto
    04/05/2021, 16:33 – Kenya lawyer: I know how to use Crypto
    04/05/2021, 16:33 – Victor Porton: I don’t have enough free crypto
    04/05/2021, 16:33 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
    04/05/2021, 16:34 – Kenya lawyer: Kindly work on that.
    04/05/2021, 16:34 – Victor Porton: Ok. Now I am sick
    04/05/2021, 16:34 – Kenya lawyer: Get some rest.
    05/05/2021, 18:20 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor?
    05/05/2021, 18:21 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
    05/05/2021, 18:24 – Kenya lawyer: How are you doing today! I wanted to inquire when can we start the process for applying for the Business certificate of Crypto Mining?
    05/05/2021, 20:16 – Victor Porton: How much does it cost?
    05/05/2021, 20:50 – Kenya lawyer: 500$ for Application fee and 200$ for Kenya Revenue Authority, for one year tax.
    05/05/2021, 20:50 – Kenya lawyer: Total is $700
    05/05/2021, 21:00 – Kenya lawyer: I will also need your details
  5. Your full names ( Copy of your Passport
  6. Country of Residence
  7. Your profession.
  8. Age
  9. 2 Passport size Photo.
    05/05/2021, 22:39 – Kenya lawyer: We can start off tomorrow.
    05/05/2021, 22:45 – Kenya lawyer: Are you there Sir?/
    05/05/2021, 22:48 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621

That’s my address you can send for me so that I can start the process tomorrow. Goodnight
05/05/2021, 22:48 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621
06/05/2021, 07:08 – Kenya lawyer: Good Morning Victor? You’re not answering my texts
06/05/2021, 11:57 – Victor Porton: That’s a risky business I don’t know. Why should I pay?
06/05/2021, 11:58 – Kenya lawyer: It’s not a risky business as long as you have the certificate and you have paid your tax
06/05/2021, 12:00 – Kenya lawyer: I can assure you as your legal adviser, this is not risky Boss. As long as you comply with the government regulations then you wont have any trouble. And the only way to do that is by getting the Certificate and tax clearance. That’s all, even if you make your own clean money no one will Question you.
06/05/2021, 12:11 – Victor Porton: If I comply with government regulations, then surely I have profit, no matter what happens on the market??
06/05/2021, 12:24 – Kenya lawyer: I’m sure with Crypto Mining in Kenya you will make profit.
06/05/2021, 12:26 – Kenya lawyer: I understand sometimes, the market is always up and down. So you can just try, it out and see the outcome, we shall be here to help you out and support you, me and Mercy.
06/05/2021, 12:28 – Victor Porton: I don’t want (unless I read a profit analysis)
06/05/2021, 12:29 – Kenya lawyer: Okay then I will get for you a profit analysis.
06/05/2021, 12:29 – Victor Porton: Thanks.
06/05/2021, 12:41 – Kenya lawyer: JOItmC-06-00197.pdf (file attached)
06/05/2021, 12:55 – Victor Porton: Oh, it’s long. I am now busy with another business, I can’t read this
06/05/2021, 13:01 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
06/05/2021, 13:02 – Kenya lawyer: Any update about my Payment?
06/05/2021, 13:06 – Kenya lawyer: You can send on my Crypto address
06/05/2021, 13:09 – Victor Porton: Oh, I forgot. I had hard days. The sum is 700?
06/05/2021, 13:10 – Kenya lawyer: Yah $700 onlu
06/05/2021, 13:10 – Kenya lawyer: And you will have the business certificate and the tax clearance
06/05/2021, 13:10 – Victor Porton: Why can’t you take it as a part of 20000
06/05/2021, 13:11 – Kenya lawyer: The compensation is not yet approved
06/05/2021, 13:12 – Kenya lawyer: And it won’t be given to me. It will be remitted to Mercy your Personal representative
06/05/2021, 13:12 – Victor Porton: Why then send to you, not to Mercy?
06/05/2021, 13:13 – Kenya lawyer: You can still send to Mercy the $700
06/05/2021, 13:13 – Kenya lawyer: I guess you dont trust me, go ahead and send it to Mercy.
06/05/2021, 13:14 – Kenya lawyer: I’m working with her in all this, so whether you send to Mercy or me no problem. We are working together
06/05/2021, 13:15 – Kenya lawyer: Or you send direct to the buyer.
06/05/2021, 13:16 – Kenya lawyer: So?
06/05/2021, 13:21 – Victor Porton: I am trying to understand why I should send 700 to Mercy. She is my friend and could do it for free.
06/05/2021, 13:24 – Kenya lawyer: The $700 is to pay for the Certificate and Tax clearance.
06/05/2021, 13:24 – Kenya lawyer: She doesn’t have that money
06/05/2021, 13:25 – Victor Porton: No, I don’t apply for crypto mining.
06/05/2021, 13:25 – Kenya lawyer: Okay then
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Kenya lawyer: Then send my Payment, let’s forget about about the Crypto Mining.
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Victor Porton: What’s with money for Victoria’s case?
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Victor Porton: How.
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Victor Porton: How much?
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Kenya lawyer: The Money is not yet approved by the government. We are still waiting for an approval by the government
06/05/2021, 13:26 – Kenya lawyer: $500
06/05/2021, 13:27 – Kenya lawyer: You will still get your Competition.
06/05/2021, 13:27 – Victor Porton: I will start withdrawing
06/05/2021, 13:28 – Kenya lawyer: How?
06/05/2021, 13:29 – Victor Porton: I don’t have money on my a count. I need to withdraw
06/05/2021, 13:28 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621
06/05/2021, 13:29 – Kenya lawyer: That’s my address, send the $500
06/05/2021, 13:30 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, please do it then send for me
06/05/2021, 13:54 – Victor Porton: I started the money withdrawal process
06/05/2021, 13:55 – Kenya lawyer: Okay Boss
06/05/2021, 13:55 – Kenya lawyer: When your done just send on my address..
06/05/2021, 13:57 – Kenya lawyer: And if your still willing to do your business with Mercy then you can also send for her the 700 so that we can start the registration process.
06/05/2021, 13:58 – Victor Porton: You told it is for the mining business. I don’t plan a mining business
06/05/2021, 13:58 – Kenya lawyer: What do you plan
06/05/2021, 13:59 – Kenya lawyer: What kind of business do you want to do with Mercy so that I can help you out?
06/05/2021, 14:00 – Kenya lawyer: I’m your legal adviser and I’m here to help you in anything you want.
06/05/2021, 14:10 – Victor Porton: I 5ol
06/05/2021, 14:11 – Victor Porton: I told long time ago that I am a software developer and I have already paid you for registering that business. What’s wrong.
06/05/2021, 14:13 – Kenya lawyer: You are paying me to work for you and help you register the business. But you are the owner of the business meaning you should be the one to oblige to all government requirements for your business to be registered
06/05/2021, 14:14 – Victor Porton: But i already paid.
06/05/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: You pay me for my job yes, but you also have to pay for any other requirements by the government
06/05/2021, 14:14 – Kenya lawyer: When how much?
06/05/2021, 14:15 – Victor Porton: What when how much?
06/05/2021, 14:15 – Kenya lawyer: I’m not getting you Sir.
06/05/2021, 14:15 – Victor Porton: You said “When how much?” What does it mean?
06/05/2021, 14:17 – Kenya lawyer: You paid me for the handle your case and Compensation but you haven’t paid me to help you register your software development business.
06/05/2021, 14:17 – Kenya lawyer: For one to register a software business in Kenya You have to get a Certificate and a clearance from tax inspectors.
06/05/2021, 14:18 – Kenya lawyer: That’s what I want to help you with.
06/05/2021, 14:19 – Victor Porton: I have already paid for the NGO
06/05/2021, 14:19 – Kenya lawyer: Yes you have.
06/05/2021, 14:19 – Kenya lawyer: So is the NGO linked to Software business?
06/05/2021, 14:20 – Victor Porton: I need to think.
06/05/2021, 14:20 – Victor Porton: Oh, I need a commercial business. So, how much to pay yet?
06/05/2021, 14:21 – Kenya lawyer: I told you $700 that will also allow you to do Commerce
06/05/2021, 14:21 – Victor Porton: Btw, how the ngo registration goes?
06/05/2021, 14:22 – Kenya lawyer: The government is always keen when it comes to NGO registration in Kenya that’s why it’s taking long. But we’re hoping by the end of this month it will be done.
06/05/2021, 14:23 – Kenya lawyer: But I can advice you we start the registration of Commerce so that you can start a commercial business.
06/05/2021, 14:23 – Victor Porton: I need to thin
06/05/2021, 14:24 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah you need to.
06/05/2021, 14:24 – Kenya lawyer: Have you finished the Withdrawal?
06/05/2021, 14:25 – Victor Porton: No, it takes a few days
06/05/2021, 14:25 – Victor Porton: Let me work now
06/05/2021, 14:25 – Kenya lawyer: What??
06/05/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: Okay.
06/05/2021, 14:26 – Kenya lawyer: Bye, I will wait.
08/05/2021, 21:27 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Victor?
08/05/2021, 22:15 – Victor Porton: Hi. I’ll check money.
08/05/2021, 22:16 – Kenya lawyer: Please check then let me know
08/05/2021, 22:17 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621
08/05/2021, 22:17 – Kenya lawyer: That’s my address
09/05/2021, 00:52 – Victor Porton: Business registration is not very urgent, I to send later.
09/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: Okay
09/05/2021, 08:41 – Kenya lawyer: You can just send my Payment then.
09/05/2021, 08:44 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send already my Payment?
09/05/2021, 08:45 – Victor Porton: Read again.
09/05/2021, 08:46 – Kenya lawyer: That’s different.
09/05/2021, 08:46 – Victor Porton: So, how much, remind. Can I send USDT?
09/05/2021, 08:47 – Kenya lawyer: $500
09/05/2021, 08:47 – Victor Porton: USDT ok?
09/05/2021, 08:47 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621
09/05/2021, 08:47 – Victor Porton: ??
09/05/2021, 08:48 – Kenya lawyer: That’s my Crypto address. Send there $500
09/05/2021, 08:48 – Victor Porton: USDT ok?
09/05/2021, 08:48 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah okay
09/05/2021, 08:48 – Victor Porton: I will send.
09/05/2021, 08:49 – Kenya lawyer: At what time?
09/05/2021, 08:50 – Kenya lawyer: Are you sending today?
09/05/2021, 08:56 – Victor Porton: You will receive today, $10 less, sorry; count it as a compensation for you once sending crypto back despite your agreement to receive crypto
09/05/2021, 08:57 – Kenya lawyer: Okay then no problem. You can deduct $10 and send $490. I agree Sir.
09/05/2021, 12:52 – Kenya lawyer: Any update?
09/05/2021, 12:53 – Victor Porton: The robot is sending somewhere about this time.
09/05/2021, 12:53 – Victor Porton: What’s with the compensation?
09/05/2021, 12:54 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send already?
09/05/2021, 12:54 – Kenya lawyer: Your compensation is still on, it might be approved next week.
09/05/2021, 13:02 – Victor Porton: I sent but the site delays sending
09/05/2021, 13:28 – Kenya lawyer: Okay let me wait.
09/05/2021, 14:43 – Kenya lawyer: Not reflected yet, maybe you can check again and resend.
09/05/2021, 15:51 – Kenya lawyer: The transaction has taken almost 4 hours. Are you sure you sent it correctly kindly check again and confirm.
09/05/2021, 17:52 – Victor Porton: The withdrawal is delayed
09/05/2021, 17:52 – Kenya lawyer: So?
09/05/2021, 17:53 – Kenya lawyer: I thought you had already sent on my Crypto address?
09/05/2021, 17:55 – Victor Porton: I send, but it’s still processed.
09/05/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: You can resend again.
09/05/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: Cancel that then resend.
09/05/2021, 17:55 – Victor Porton: I can’t
09/05/2021, 17:58 – Kenya lawyer: Let’s hope it will be done soon.
09/05/2021, 19:32 – Victor Porton: You should have received
09/05/2021, 19:38 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah I have thank you
10/05/2021, 08:18 – Kenya lawyer: Hello boss Good Morning?
10/05/2021, 08:25 – Kenya lawyer: I need your help. I want you to send for me 0.00768 ETH I do some transaction then I send back immediately. I don’t have ETH, I only have USDT.
10/05/2021, 08:35 – Victor Porton: Address?
10/05/2021, 08:35 – Kenya lawyer: 0x1aDEdb0b600C9152988DEDACe7c4ACE919A53621
10/05/2021, 08:45 – Kenya lawyer: Have you sent Boss?
10/05/2021, 09:13 – Victor Porton: Soon
10/05/2021, 09:14 – Kenya lawyer: Ok sir
10/05/2021, 09:16 – Victor Porton: Sent
10/05/2021, 09:17 – Kenya lawyer: Not yet received, let me wait
10/05/2021, 09:18 – Victor Porton: Passed
10/05/2021, 09:18 – Kenya lawyer: Received thank you
10/05/2021, 09:27 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
10/05/2021, 09:28 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
10/05/2021, 10:00 – Kenya lawyer: This message was deleted
10/05/2021, 10:04 – Kenya lawyer: I’m still less I need 0.01109 Refundable of course. Will send back after I finish the transaction.
10/05/2021, 10:24 – Victor Porton: I’ve sent.
10/05/2021, 10:34 – Kenya lawyer: Thank you
11/05/2021, 08:23 – Kenya lawyer: Good Morning Boss, the government of Kenya intends to partner with Software developers for a one year contract renewable upon successful work if you can register your business you can get an opportunity to partner with the Kenyan government in matters of software development. We have very few and unqualified software developers in Kenya and this would be a great Chance for you.
11/05/2021, 08:24 – Kenya lawyer: You will get opportunities not only for the government but also private companies to work with and you can make a lot of money through your software skills here in Kenya.
11/05/2021, 08:37 – Victor Porton: I have a job. Well, what are these salaries in Kenya?
11/05/2021, 08:39 – Kenya lawyer: Yes I know you have a job, that doesn’t mean you will travel to come and work in Kenya. If you have a business here you can just work from Israel. The salary is up to $3000 per month
11/05/2021, 08:40 – Victor Porton: I want to Kenya to marry Mercy.
11/05/2021, 08:40 – Kenya lawyer: That is your choice. You can decide either to work from Kenya or Israel.
11/05/2021, 08:41 – Kenya lawyer: And the government will recognise you and they can even give you Kenyan Citizenship
11/05/2021, 08:42 – Kenya lawyer: Because you will be working for the government and now you can marry Mercy and have a family together. It’s possible Boss
11/05/2021, 09:21 – Victor Porton: Can I see Victoria’s “suicide letter”?
11/05/2021, 10:01 – Kenya lawyer: I don’t have the letter. It’s her family who have the letter
13/05/2021, 22:36 – Kenya lawyer: Hello boss?
14/05/2021, 05:18 – Victor Porton: Hi. How is it?
14/05/2021, 08:55 – Kenya lawyer: All is well so far
14/05/2021, 14:18 – Victor Porton: When to expect?
14/05/2021, 19:21 – Kenya lawyer: Soon.
16/05/2021, 09:08 – Victor Porton: What happens?
16/05/2021, 18:02 – Kenya lawyer: The family of Victoria has gone to Court to sue you for the cause of their daughter. They say you are the cause of her committing Suicide by frustrating her and they want the government to stop the compensation.
16/05/2021, 20:35 – Victor Porton: Condider saying from me “I really frustrated her by revealing her that she is a Hitler who stole money from climate and science funds, this behavior is equal to Hitler. I caused her to do the onky good deed in her life, kill Hitler.”
16/05/2021, 21:10 – Victor Porton: Another argument for the court: “You claimed that you are Adventists. The court needs a proof of this. Russian Orthodoxes decided to deprive me of a mathematician diploma. Therefore if you don’t give me half of your money, you follow a command of Russian patriarch to American banks on the amount of money me to have, and therefore the court must count you fraudsters having falsely claimed that you are Adventists, while you are Russian Orthodoxes and therefore go to the hell.
17/05/2021, 14:59 – Victor Porton: So, what next?
18/05/2021, 09:16 – Kenya lawyer: Hello Sir, I’m working on a few issues to solve the problem you are having with the family of Victoria. They are very angry at the moment because they still believe you are the cause of her death. They have filed a case against you which might start this Friday and Mercy MUST come and attend the proceedings. We are also making arrangements for you to attend through ZOOM. Another thing I have been been summoned by the Embassy of Israel as your lawyer here in Kenya for Questioning concerning your cases going on here in Kenya. You might also be called by the Kenyan Embassy in Israel regarding the same. This case you might think it’s something small but when the Israel Embassy gets involved then thing’s might get tough. I will go and hear what the embassy has to say then I will inform you.
18/05/2021, 09:18 – Kenya lawyer: There are a few things I also want to know from you,

  1. Your Citizenship.
  2. Your family ( How close you are with your family)
  3. If you have any other case in Israel.
  4. Number of years you have stayed in Israel.
    18/05/2021, 14:01 – Victor Porton: 1. Russian and Israel. 2. Father and mother (I live with them, but in fact they are my enemies, mother hit me by head by a crying pan 3-4 times, father stole, etc.) 3. No other cases. 4. I am in Israel since 11.8.2019
    18/05/2021, 14:01 – Kenya lawyer: Do you stay with your mum and dad?
    18/05/2021, 14:05 – Kenya lawyer: Does your Mum or Dad know about Victoria and her family?
    18/05/2021, 15:06 – Victor Porton: Yes, yes.
    18/05/2021, 15:07 – Kenya lawyer: Which year did you move to Israel?
    18/05/2021, 15:07 – Victor Porton: 2019
    18/05/2021, 15:07 – Victor Porton: Sorry, wrong
    18/05/2021, 15:08 – Kenya lawyer: Reason for Moving from Russia to Israel?
    18/05/2021, 15:09 – Victor Porton: 6.06.2007
    18/05/2021, 15:09 – Victor Porton: Mainly because of poverty in Russia
    18/05/2021, 15:09 – Kenya lawyer: Okay,
    Is your family recognised by the Israel Government?
    18/05/2021, 15:10 – Kenya lawyer: Are you Legally in Israel, that’s what i mean.
    18/05/2021, 15:10 – Victor Porton: I am in Israel considered as a family consisting of one human
    18/05/2021, 15:11 – Victor Porton: I am a citizen of both Russia and Israel
    18/05/2021, 15:12 – Kenya lawyer: Sorry for asking you all this, I just want to be well versed when I’m summoned by the Israel Embassy
    18/05/2021, 15:12 – Victor Porton: Ok
    18/05/2021, 15:12 – Victor Porton: Has our conversation finished?
    18/05/2021, 15:12 – Kenya lawyer: When invited to Kenya for you to be able to clear all this can you come over?
    18/05/2021, 15:13 – Victor Porton: I don’t understand
    18/05/2021, 15:14 – Kenya lawyer: In case the Israel Embassy wants you to come over to Kenya so that you can clear all this issue of Victoria and her Family will you be able to come over.
    18/05/2021, 15:14 – Victor Porton: If I have enough money
    18/05/2021, 15:15 – Kenya lawyer: And can you accept to be registered as a Kenya Citizen, now that you are planning to marry Mercy?
    18/05/2021, 15:16 – Victor Porton: My real position is that the Israel ambassador should be arrested if he/she tries to spend my money because I am a mathematician and tried to fight for climate, so he would attack too important person
    18/05/2021, 15:16 – Victor Porton: It’s ok, I can give up Russian citizenship
    18/05/2021, 15:17 – Kenya lawyer: Yes I agree with you.
    18/05/2021, 15:17 – Kenya lawyer: It’s important we start this process.
    18/05/2021, 15:18 – Victor Porton: I should give up Russian citizenship now? Please explain the entire chain of implication why I should
    18/05/2021, 15:23 – Kenya lawyer: No, you don’t have to give up your Russian Citizenship. That is your origin county and you also have an Israel citizenship. So you can still get the Kenyan citizenship by registration which I can help you with. So you will be a Russian by birth, an Isralite and Kenyan by registration. You will be what we call here in Kenya as a Dual Citizen. And you can be allowed to work, purchase, own property and do business in Kenya. And the most important thing is for you to get your compensation because before the Israel Ambassador spends up your money.
    18/05/2021, 15:23 – Victor Porton: Russian laws allow max 2 citizenships
    18/05/2021, 15:23 – Kenya lawyer: So we have to work on your Citizenship as soon as possible to make things work.
    18/05/2021, 15:23 – Victor Porton: Well, nothing prevents me to ignore Russian laws
    18/05/2021, 15:24 – Kenya lawyer: In Kenya it’s different. And now that you dont care about Russia anymore then you can ignore them
    18/05/2021, 15:25 – Kenya lawyer: So we can go on with this so that you can be registered as a Kenyan Citizen.
    18/05/2021, 15:25 – Victor Porton: “”to get your compensation because before the Israel Ambassador spends up your money.” I don’t understand which compensation you speak about.
    18/05/2021, 15:25 – Victor Porton: How much does it cost, and why do I need this?
    18/05/2021, 15:26 – Kenya lawyer: I mean, the Victorias compensation
    18/05/2021, 15:26 – Kenya lawyer: The Israel Embassy must approve that compensation
    18/05/2021, 15:26 – Victor Porton: What do you mean by spend up?
    18/05/2021, 15:27 – Kenya lawyer: They might refuse to give it to you and channel it to another project.
    18/05/2021, 15:27 – Victor Porton: But if I come to Kenya?
    18/05/2021, 15:29 – Kenya lawyer: You are not a Kenyan Citizen so you won’t be entitled to anything, that’s why I have to help you get registered. So that when you come you are a citizen and the Embassy can do everything for you.
    18/05/2021, 15:29 – Victor Porton: If I will be a citizen, how does it matter?
    18/05/2021, 15:32 – Kenya lawyer: It matter’s a lot, you will have unlimited entry and exit, you can do business and also to make it easy for you to get your money.
    18/05/2021, 15:33 – Kenya lawyer: And remember you want to marry Mercy so this will be much easier
    18/05/2021, 15:33 – Victor Porton: I asked how does Israel embassy matter if I will be a Kenyan citizen?
    18/05/2021, 15:35 – Kenya lawyer: You will be both a Kenyan Citizen and an Israel Citizen so they have to get involved
    18/05/2021, 15:36 – Victor Porton: So I also to stay before an Israeli court or what?
    18/05/2021, 15:36 – Kenya lawyer: No
    18/05/2021, 15:36 – Victor Porton: But what?
    18/05/2021, 15:37 – Kenya lawyer: I’m not getting your question?
    18/05/2021, 15:37 – Victor Porton: How is Israel embassy involved? I am to speak with them or what?
    18/05/2021, 15:37 – Kenya lawyer: In simple terms I want you to be registered as a Kenyan Citizen
    18/05/2021, 15:38 – Victor Porton: Cost?
    18/05/2021, 15:38 – Kenya lawyer: You don’t have to speak with them, I will be the one in charge.
    18/05/2021, 15:38 – Kenya lawyer: $300.
    18/05/2021, 15:38 – Victor Porton: So, I will tell you the truth, you decide what to tell them and what no.
    18/05/2021, 15:39 – Kenya lawyer: Yes
    18/05/2021, 15:40 – Victor Porton: I discovered about 3-4 (dependently on how to count) fundame tal branches of math. AFAIK, no other human in known history discovered >1. So, I am the best mathematician in History.
    18/05/2021, 15:41 – Kenya lawyer: And with that is the what Kenyan government want, Kenya is less of Mathematicians, so when you are a Citizen here you might make a lot of cash for that
    18/05/2021, 15:42 – Kenya lawyer: Have you been paid anything by the Israel government for that?
    18/05/2021, 15:42 – Victor Porton: Israel discriminates so called Messianic Jews following mad idea that Messianic Jews are not a branch of reformed Judaism. (Messianics differ of other Jews only in the name of Messiah and in believing that longbanticipated kosher pig already came true,)
    18/05/2021, 15:44 – Kenya lawyer: So unfortunate that’s why I advice you to have Kenyan Citizenship it might help in such situation
    18/05/2021, 15:44 – Victor Porton: No, and it’s a crime of illegal discrimination. Particularly, I contacted a science official and even despite I did follow their illegal rules, my email with request of money was ignored.
    18/05/2021, 15:45 – Kenya lawyer: If you could be in Kenya I’m sure you could have been paid millions of Dollars by the Kenyan Government
    18/05/2021, 15:45 – Victor Porton: How? Their rules also require a scientific degree.
    18/05/2021, 15:46 – Victor Porton: I already checked kenyan rules.
    18/05/2021, 15:47 – Kenya lawyer: No, you dont have to have the Scientific degree. As long as you are able to prove to the Kenyan Mathematician Authority, this is a government Mathematics department. Then you will be ranked as the best mathematician and you will earn a lot.
    18/05/2021, 15:47 – Kenya lawyer: You might even be employed by the government
    18/05/2021, 15:48 – Victor Porton: Really? How does it work?
    18/05/2021, 15:50 – Kenya lawyer: It consists of Government Mathematician’s who come up with different Mathematics questions and discoveries . They then pick the best mathematician from themselves and he/she is awarded by the government for what he/she has discovered.
    18/05/2021, 15:50 – Victor Porton: URL?
    18/05/2021, 15:50 – Kenya lawyer: Meaning
    18/05/2021, 15:50 – Victor Porton: Where to read about this?
    18/05/2021, 15:51 – Kenya lawyer: Will check out for you and see if I will get it.
    18/05/2021, 15:51 – Victor Porton: Thanks.
    18/05/2021, 15:52 – Kenya lawyer: So we have to register you a a Citizen.
    18/05/2021, 15:52 – Victor Porton: Ok, I can send you 300 soon.
    18/05/2021, 15:52 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah you can send through Crypto
    18/05/2021, 15:53 – Kenya lawyer: That is 0.86 ETH
    18/05/2021, 15:54 – Kenya lawyer: If you have ETH you can send then we start the process
    18/05/2021, 15:54 – Victor Porton: Like Elijah expected a fire chariot, I expect a time machine to come for me. That’s for the case if it will be needed to count me insane.
    18/05/2021, 15:55 – Victor Porton: I prefer to send USDT.
    18/05/2021, 15:55 – Kenya lawyer: Ok, no problem
    18/05/2021, 15:55 – Victor Porton: Have we finished the conversation?
    18/05/2021, 15:56 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah let me read more about that I see if there are any changes then I let you know.
    18/05/2021, 15:56 – Kenya lawyer: Bye
    18/05/2021, 15:56 – Victor Porton: Thanks. Bye.
    18/05/2021, 16:02 – Victor Porton: The list of my math discoveries:
    18/05/2021, 16:04 – Kenya lawyer: By the way we can also submit this to the Kenya Mathematician Forum if you wish maybe they can consider it and you might get something out of it.
    18/05/2021, 16:07 – Kenya lawyer: Can I help you submit it to the Forum, they might have a consideration of it. And you will be surprised if this ends up to be a great opportunity for you in your Mathematic career
    18/05/2021, 16:08 – Victor Porton: I will send you 300 usdt now
    18/05/2021, 16:09 – Kenya lawyer: Let me give you an address
    18/05/2021, 16:10 – Victor Porton: Yes. I prepared documents for American government for a similar purpose, but later found that they don’t accept foreign individuals. Send you the documents?
    18/05/2021, 16:10 – Victor Porton: Plus I have some recent discoveries.
    18/05/2021, 16:10 – Kenya lawyer: You will have great opportunity here in Kenya
    18/05/2021, 16:11 – Kenya lawyer: Do you have the sellers Address
    18/05/2021, 16:11 – Kenya lawyer: You can send to him direct.
    18/05/2021, 16:11 – Victor Porton: Send to her, not to you? Ok. I will
    18/05/2021, 16:11 – Victor Porton: Next day.
    18/05/2021, 16:11 – Kenya lawyer: I thought you said now.
    18/05/2021, 16:12 – Victor Porton: I will send but the site will delay processing.
    18/05/2021, 16:12 – Kenya lawyer: Okay just send now no problem
    18/05/2021, 16:13 – Kenya lawyer: 0x68f37306ff58688e3b5b004d0192f8be26a3b403
    18/05/2021, 16:13 – Kenya lawyer: That is his address, send for him then let me know.
    18/05/2021, 16:14 – Victor Porton: Send you the math research information?
    18/05/2021, 16:15 – Kenya lawyer: Yeah
    18/05/2021, 16:15 – Victor Porton: I will. Give your email.
    18/05/2021, 16:15 – Kenya lawyer: [email protected]
    18/05/2021, 16:24 – Victor Porton: I’ve sent.
    18/05/2021, 16:24 – Kenya lawyer: Let me check
    18/05/2021, 16:24 – Kenya lawyer: Have you send the 300 as well?
    18/05/2021, 16:27 – Victor Porton: Not yet.
    18/05/2021, 16:27 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
    18/05/2021, 16:28 – Victor Porton: I am waiting forbthe buyer to respond.
    18/05/2021, 16:28 – Kenya lawyer: Let me call him
    18/05/2021, 16:30 – Victor Porton: He tex
    18/05/2021, 16:30 – Victor Porton: He responded
    18/05/2021, 16:30 – Kenya lawyer: You can now send for him.
    18/05/2021, 16:36 – Victor Porton: I’ve initiated the transfer
    18/05/2021, 16:36 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, has he received yet?
    18/05/2021, 16:38 – Victor Porton: The withdrawal from that site is delayed
    18/05/2021, 16:38 – Kenya lawyer: I’m reading your research and it’s amazing, I will see what to do about it and help you out.
    18/05/2021, 16:39 – Victor Porton: You studied higher mathematics?
    18/05/2021, 16:39 – Kenya lawyer: Yes I did.
    18/05/2021, 16:41 – Victor Porton: Should I rewrite it mentioning newer research?
    18/05/2021, 16:42 – Kenya lawyer: I was just about to tell you the same. Please do
    18/05/2021, 16:42 – Victor Porton: Ok
    18/05/2021, 16:42 – Kenya lawyer: Because we have to present it to the Kenyan government not USA
    18/05/2021, 16:42 – Kenya lawyer: So edit it then send for me.
    18/05/2021, 16:44 – Victor Porton: I should describe my past research, my future plans, or both?
    18/05/2021, 16:44 – Kenya lawyer: Both
    18/05/2021, 16:56 – Victor Porton: I’ve sent the research description files
    18/05/2021, 16:56 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
    18/05/2021, 16:59 – Kenya lawyer: What’s the time right now in your place?
    18/05/2021, 17:00 – Victor Porton: 17
    18/05/2021, 17:01 – Kenya lawyer: How long will the transaction take, the seller says he hasn’t received yet
    18/05/2021, 17:03 – Victor Porton: You should receive You will receive 12pm – 3pm UTC 18th may
    18/05/2021, 17:03 – Victor Porton: ^^ Forwarded message.
    18/05/2021, 17:03 – Kenya lawyer: Ok
    18/05/2021, 17:10 – Victor Porton: Please show me information on this mathematicians council, how to participate
    18/05/2021, 17:15 – Victor Porton: I cannot find Kenya Mathematician Forum. Give me the site of them.
    18/05/2021, 17:17 – Victor Porton: I am also a philosopher.
    18/05/2021, 17:28 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, let me ask one of my friends who is a member of the Forum then I get back to you.
    18/05/2021, 17:28 – Victor Porton: They have no site?
    18/05/2021, 17:41 – Kenya lawyer: Good Evening Polycarp
    At our Forum we lost our website last year, but we are in a process of coming up with another one. In regards to your boss who is a Mathematician yes he can be part of us. As you know our Forum is government sponsored thus for him to be part of it he has to be a Citizen then after, he will pay submit a membership fee as well of $500. But still if he has a ready Mathematics research that he has done then we can help him submit to the government for analysis but he will have to pay $200 as a non citizen which is refundable upon unsuccessful consideration of his research. In fact his name sounds familiar I guess I have read some of his articles sometime back and I Loved then. He can be of good and positive impact to us I’m sure and the Government might consider him to be a Government Mathematician. As you are aware we have very few mathematicians in Kenya. So you help him process all the requirements then let me know if you have any other question. Thanks
    18/05/2021, 17:42 – Kenya lawyer: This is what he says. ??
    18/05/2021, 17:44 – Victor Porton: “Government Mathematician” sounds weird. In all the world scientists work in academia, nit directly in government. So what is Government Mathematician ?
    18/05/2021, 17:46 – Kenya lawyer: The government will give you a Certificate to confirm that you are eligible to work with any academia.
    18/05/2021, 17:47 – Victor Porton: Tell me about legal aspects.
    18/05/2021, 17:49 – Kenya lawyer: Not much required in terms of legality of a Mathematician.
    18/05/2021, 17:49 – Victor Porton: Show me information about this certificate
    18/05/2021, 17:53 – Kenya lawyer: The certificate is will be given to you by the government. It entails your details and I code that will be a prove that you are a qualified Mathematician. Thus you can work with any academia in the country
    18/05/2021, 17:54 – Victor Porton: Show me legal documents. Otherwise, I will start actions against you e
    18/05/2021, 17:54 – Victor Porton: Because this Certificate description looks ,ike COMPLETE bullshit
    18/05/2021, 17:54 – Victor Porton: But if you can prove me that it exists, it’s ok
    18/05/2021, 17:55 – Kenya lawyer: Are you threatening me? I’m only trying to help you, if you want me to show you a sample of this Certificate then I will.
    1 8/05/2021, 17:56 – Kenya lawyer: Remember the rules that apply in Israel is not the same that applies in Kenya.
    18/05/2021, 17:56 – Victor Porton: I want an URL where it’s written that this certificate exists
    18/05/2021, 17:56 – Kenya lawyer: That’s why I’m saying I will get it for you.
    18/05/2021, 17:56 – Victor Porton: Demostrate me that such certificates exist
    18/05/2021, 17:57 – Kenya lawyer: But dont threaten me. I’m a lawyer and I’m here to help you, that’s not how I work, none of my client’s has ever done that. I’m a National lawyer recognised by the government.
    18/05/2021, 17:58 – Victor Porton: Show me a government docume t demonstration
    18/05/2021, 17:58 – Victor Porton: That such certificates exist
    18/05/2021, 18:06 – Kenya lawyer: I will, tomorrow. I’m out of the office.
    18/05/2021, 18:07 – Victor Porton: It is not enough to draw the certificate yourself, I don’t believe in this joke.
    18/05/2021, 18:08 – Kenya lawyer: Then let’s leave it at that.
    18/05/2021, 18:08 – Victor Porton: So, you are not giving a proof?
    18/05/2021, 18:08 – Kenya lawyer: You are not patient
    18/05/2021, 18:09 – Kenya lawyer: I said I will send
    18/05/2021, 18:09 – Victor Porton: If you sent a certificate, I conclude that you a painter. I want it on a government site.
    18/05/2021, 18:10 – Kenya lawyer: Lol
    18/05/2021, 18:10 – Kenya lawyer: Okay, I will prove you.
    18/05/2021, 18:11 – Victor Porton: When?
    18/05/2021, 18:12 – Kenya lawyer: “School of Mathematics | University of Nairobi Personal Websites”
    18/05/2021, 18:13 – Kenya lawyer: Some of the Certified Mathematicians
    18/05/2021, 18:13 – Victor Porton: Where is that certificate?

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